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Media Blackout Period?

Are we (TSLA) in a media blackout period?

I miss the official Blogs --- latest one = mid-December?

Tesla, give us some more to chew on.

Maybe they will when the Q4 2012 earnings will be made public. On February 11th 2013. Let's wait and see.

I don't really see that there's even that much to talk about. Certainly people are interested in the business.

However, when it comes to their products, we already know the basic plans for the Model S and X. Everyone would love to hear more about Bluestar, and anything else coming up, but I don't see what Tesla has to gain by talking about them. I don't think it's wise to talk about future products too early.

It's always good to be informed about what is coming in the near future. Because one might just want to delay some decissions regarding which product is best to fit one's needs.

That's what I mean though. The near future is Model X, and we already know the general concept of Bluestar which is a nice, but cheaper, less luxurious sedan. Beyond that, I think we want to know more just to satisfy our own curiosity as enthusiasts, but I think it makes sense for Tesla to focus more on launching and promoting the Model X.

I think Tesla Motors (like any other car company) should have more EV models on offer, so that it becomes more likely people will be attracted to one of the Tesla EV's. The more people buy an EV, the less ICE vehicles will be sold.

it's an open book so far: Model X, Bluestar, New Roadster, Supersportcar... Than Model S Facelift...2017

TM must balance variety with production complexity. Its robots can switch tasks easily, but production parts pipelines have to co-ordinated perfectly to keep everything from snarling up, etc. TM is pacing itself just fine, IMO.

I think more demand is required as well. More reservations will have to follow.

Yes, new variant markets must not simply cannibalize the MS demand. The variants must appeal to new buyers.

I don't think that will happen at a very large scale. Offcourse it will happen occasionally, but that will be far less than 10%.

And you must know that some people already have a Tesla Roadsters, but still decided to have a reservation for a Tesla Model S and/or Tesla Model X.

?? If variants cannot attract new buyers, TM will not produce them.

Offcourse variants will attract new buyers. That's obvious, I think.

Benz, I thnk it will happen, it's just that the path to having a whole range of vehicles like other manufacturers will take years and years. It's a slow pace, but success and experience will help Tesla accelerate the pace of growth exponentially. Tesla is still in the very early stages here.

@ olanmills
That is correct. So, slowly but surely. And that means that adding a new variant too soon is not good for Tesla Motors. OK, I get it.

I think it's going to be "production limited"; design and tooling up and establishing parts supply networks is not trivial. Elon's "one per year" is immensely ambitious.

So, one new model per two year is more likely?

Talking about the blog. That was fast! I wonder if this thread had anything to do with it. (Probably not.)

No, I think Elon/TM will pull it off. But don't expect more than that!

I just want Tesla Motors to be succeed in their mission. And in order to do that, I think that having more models on offer will surely help to succeed in their mission. But I do understand that Tesla Motors have actually just started. They cannot afford to make mistakes. So, slowly but surely is a good strategy for Tesla Motors, I think.