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2 weeks ago we received our Model S and I just thought I'd do an introduction. My name is Joe Pruskowski and I work with an online drivers ed company ( I am very impressed with the so far and have written a short blog ( om my [albeit] short experience so far.

Coming from a drivers ed perspective, I do have a concern about the potential distraction associated with the screen on the console. I personally find it refreshing to have a "live" screen and am not advocating for a change. However, maybe there could be a "parent controls" or similar that would blank the screen while driving, etc. My fear is that a teen is going to get into the car, have a collision, and blame it on the car. Again, I don't personally buy this but distracted driving is such a big topic now and in our society everyone is always looking for blame.

I bought the car for my wife and I typically drive sports cars (Porsche, etc.). I have to say that I'm quite impressed with this car's handling and performance, especially considering its a 4 door sedan. And I love the electronic integration and "soft programming" of the various car features.

Well... enough for the intro and look forward to future discussion on our cars...

This would probably be better in the Model S forum, since that is the car you're writing about specifically.

A couple of things from your article:
"a second "trunk*", which when combined with a large rear trunk provides very large storage capacity. The lack of a fuel tank allows for large storage capacity in the rear trunck**"

** trunk