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Great hour long fireside chat with Elon about Tesla, SpaceX, life in general...

This was fantastic; I loved every minute. Thank you for posting. I am developing a serious crush on Elon, as I'm sure every woman who meets him does! Loved his "famous last words!"

He's currently unattached. Offer him a ride in your sexy new car!


Orbcomm has contracted with Space X, for 18 launches

Yeah, their first sat got dumped on the last launch because NASA rules said the loss of 1 engine for a moment imperiled the safe zone around the ISS. Jerks.

New agreement, 42.6 million. I think this is an add on and was just done 27 dec, 2012

And he just bought the house that he had rented for the past couple years. No matter what happens with TM, Elon isn't gonna starve.