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92kW Ford Focus 2012, WT??????????

Is it just me or does this sound weird, 92kW Focus 2012?? I just wanted to through this out for everyone to see that this has to be a "typo"... Figured I would look around and see what the rest of the automotive industry is doing to try and keep up with Tesla, hope they fix the 92kW?

I live in Hawaii/Oahu and can't wait to pick up my Model S, going with the 60kW, this is perfect for the island.

92kW is the power output of the engine. The battery size is 23kWh.

Don't worry, your Model S will out run and out gun the Focus E!

And the battery you're getting is 60kWh. That's 60 kw for one hour, or 1 kW for 60 hours, or 20 kW for 3 hours, or ...

BigHavoc, Ad van der Meer and Brian H explained which numbers must be compared wrt battery capacity. Now let's have a look at the engine's power output -- 92 kW (125 HP) in the Ford Focus. The Model S Performance has 325 kW (435 HP), as stated on this page:

If I remember correctly, the regular Model S is said to have 300 kW (400 HP). Very nice numbers, aren't they? :-)