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UMC covered under insurance?

Considering Tesla is now selling the UMC for $650 I'm sure it won't be long until some scumbag steals one from a charging Tesla. Anyone know how this would be covered by insurance?

good question, I would assume that your deductible would apply and anything under that your home owners or renters insurance would cover the rest?

@reli that's my guess as well, assume it is like any other property that you'd have in a car. But since the umc is left out in the "open" I could totally see an insurance agency being slimy.

The connector that plugs into the car is latched in and requires the key to get out, so they would have to cut the cable to get it off and it wouldn't be usable without replacing that connector.

@jat That could be quite the firworks show if it's charging at 40 amps.

Not to mention thining the population of dumb thieves.

@Rochec, in short, there's no practical way or useful reason to steal it...

@KevinR - presumably they would unplug the other end first.

@riceguy practicality or usefulness tend to be pretty low on the thief's scale. =)

@rochec - they want something they can sell. Conceivably they might get a few dollars for the wire, but that is about it. I would think they would be far more likely to smash a window in your car and grab anything you left in it (my wife had her car broken into for pocket change and a paperback book).

The unplugged connector hanging in unattended garage could easily be taken.

@DFibRL8R, I would think that most of us would either close the garage or would have something of more obvious value in the garage! Probably not much of a black market for these just yet...

We already have someone trying to unload some headlights ...

@jat Yes but if they were doing that to my vehicle I would really like them to go for a Darwin Award with style :o)

The UMC plug would probably be covered, minus the deductible. Of course your rates would go up for a $650.

You also might want to ask these guys about OEM (original parts manufacturer)

How much copper is in the UMC?

That could be one reason for thieves to steal it.