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Trade in possible?

In short, does Tesla accept trades?
I would love to find a dealership near me (Savannah) that maybe excepted a trade! The Roadster reminds me of the Z-4 and the Model S reminds me of the Jaguar EXCEPT the gas and servicing savings make a huge difference!
The second question: Is there a military buyers program? Having served two toursin Iraq hopefully will count towards savings on the beautiful S model or maybe even a Roadster (albeit probably a used one as I am a soldier and thus the Roadster is likely out of my price range... sad but true)
.. Ghfame

The Tesla stores are not dealerships in the traditional sense. I haven't heard of them taking trade-ins for older cars. Frankly I don't think they are set up for it.

I have not heard of discount programs for any particular group. Your best bet for final answers is to email Tesla's sales staff and inquire.

Tesla doesn't take trades as far as I know.
They also don't have a military buyers program (or any buyers program for that matter) unless it's something that isn't advertised. Have you thought about USAA for an auto loan for the Model S when it comes out? You could always e-mail or call them and bring up the idea about a military buyers program. Maybe it's something they'd start if it was suggested.

Don't open that can of worms.

They were more than happy to give me a bid on my Tesla P85 so I could upgrade to the D.

ghfame, there is nothing special offered to veterans, even through USAA. I am retired Air Force and financed my car through USAA, so I know of which I speak......