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NC anti-Tesla legislation is dead!

Just found this:

Between this and what happened with the proposed law in NY, it seems that state-level governments aren't as keen to bend over for the NADA as we feared. Of course it doesn't mean the dealers won't keep trying...

I think NADA is going to achieve nada.

AZ might be next...

The sponsor and co-sponsors still need to be either further "educated" or kicked to the curb. Siding with NADA and against the no-longer-silent majority should not be penalty free.

Never underestimate the power of
graft and corruption in America.

The actions of some of these congressmen border on despicable and are unconscionable to me.

It is great to witness the voice of the American consumers. Politicians are supposed to serve the American people not encourage/aid special interest groups and their agenda to dictate where/how we spend our money. Keep the waves of innovation crashing Tesla!