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Medical Cures attributed to Tesla

I am sure there are other instances where a ride in a Model S has produced inexplicable medical cures. Here is one that I heard of recently; maybe others can add their own or anecdotal experiences.

The acceleration in a Model S pushed back the head of a person with a detached retina condition with such force that it re-attached his retina. Truly amazing.

I am sure that are more case studies where G forces during cornering or perhaps rapid regenerative braking stops have produced other inexplicable medical cures.


Are we just bored now? lol

I thought you needed medical clearance *before* you strapped on a MS...

Here's a quote from a few months ago:

4. I have a theory about the lack of a rumbling ICE during long distance trips. My wife and I have noticed that we are less fatigued after a lengthy excursion. This has been consistent since we took delivery. The most dramatic example was the first day of our Christmas trip to Southern California. In spite of inching traffic on the 5, rain, and delays at the Harris Ranch Super Charger (they only have one port, and we experienced the first-ever waiting line with six other Model S's), we arrived in Anaheim ready to drive some more. It was strange. And now that we have driven the car more and more, with over 2500 miles on the odometer, I can say that this effect is consistent. I think the evidence supports the notion that the lack of a gasoline engine contributes to a decrease in fatigue. Not having low frequency vibration keeps you fresh and alert. Think about airlines - the big factors are dry air, white noise, and low frequency vibration. We have none of those in the Model S. We arrive at our destination...rested? Is that fair to say? Maybe. It is definitely true that we arrive at our destinations with more energy than I can ever remember.
Those are some general observations, but we are still learning. This is a new experience. People who are living this cannot possibly comprehend the feeling, the stark difference in getting from point A to B. I think it is the duty of those of us who have these cars to attempt to describe it. But ultimately, folks have to get into one and experience it for themselves. They will not be disappointed. And I bet most of them will begin plotting to ditch their gasoline vehicles as soon as they can....

I'm pretty sure that I saw an article about how a P85+ was used to restart the heart of someone in cardiac arrest.

When he regained consciousness, he said, "WHOOO-HOOO!!!"

True story.

Did you check your lung? It's much cleaner now.

lol NoMoDinos you could make your own Diphibulator MacGyver style with the Model S for sure. I am surprise Elon did not include a Diphibulator as an accessory.

But then you would have to consider conditions caused by the S:

Facial muscles frozen into a grin/smile
Compulsive forum checking
Tachycardia during acceleration
Depression when driving ICE vehicles
The irrational belief that you should get more than you pay for...

& of course
Potential loss of bladder/bowel control(unsuspecting riders)

Will it give me a tummy tuck? Call it the Tesla Tuck?

dEfibRILlator . Maybe NoMo can elucidate whether it was accel or electrons that did the deed.

Only while at 1.9 G.

Brian is correct. Never use a diphibulator as a defibrillator. Lord knows what could happen.

Don't get me started on defibulators--hurt like heck!

How about "Mid Life Crisis"? Model S has cured mine!

@ aj - no need, Elon thought of this as well. It's covered in the addended manual v 4.2, from the section entitled "French kizzing the charge port". It's included with the 85kw battery, but costs extra for the 60. A software update is coming.

@ Brian - both, actually. It kicks in once the speed hits 88mph at 1.21 gigawatts.

@ Robert - you move out of V-fib, and into T-fib (a continual state of heart awesomness)

@ Kevin R - there are potential complications to every cure. We are the proud phase 3 testers!

A decrease in gastric bypass procedures has been reported because the acceleration G forces of the Model S tend to flatten midriff bulges