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Interior Improvements....PLEASE

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the car. I plan to buy one, and the ONLY thing that has held me back is the LACK of a complete design in the interior. Sounds goofy, but you know, my WIFE plans to come along on drives. First thing she said when I got her into the car at Santana Row was....where does my box of Kleenex go? Then she looked in the glove box, and sunglasses case won't fit in there.

There are no "kangaroo pouches" on the backs of the driver and passenger seats for those sitting in the back, no pockets in the doors, and no drink holders in the back seats. There is no option for info-tainment in the headrests for those in the back...guess they have to look through the gap between the seats to see the 17" display.

There is no console storage, although when I pointed that out to the enthusiastic sales guy, he said...there is an aftermarket company who makes a console....really?

No rear seat climate controls....

Please let me know you will address these for 2014, and I WILL buy one. But, you have to realize people will USE this car, and they need to store their stuff, and they WILL bring along their wives...

Love you guys..

Actually, in all the cars I've owned and currently own except for the Tesla there is no room for my wife's purse and the box of Kleenex and the umbrella(s). So the purse goes on the floor in front of the seat she is sitting in, the umbrellas fit between the seat and the center hump and the tissue box is mounted on the hump in the back using Velcro strips. Yes, the sunglasses go in the door pockets, so the sunglasses you need are always on the wrong side of the car. I LIKE the open center console. The purse goes there, the tissues go there, the umbrellas go there, and the sunglasses go in the tray under the screen. Someday I may make some storage compartments for it, but right now, I am amazed at how effective simplicity really is.

If those things are that important, don't buy the car. I also love, love love it and I could care less about what's missing. The giant open center has worked out well and since you really can't compare it to other cars, don't.

The only things missing is clutter

@michaellboman - I initially thought same as you, but after 8 weeks neither my wife nor I have any issues with the interior storage.

I keep a few Kleenex in the glove compartment, along with documents. I keep flashlight, keys, dog leash, change and other bits and pieces in a small 'tote' under the bubby. My phone and sunglasses go in the cubby.

The center console area is then used for purses, sweaters, take out food, umbrellas and the other myriad things that come and go.

The pocket on the front of the seat is empty!

I keep a windshield sun shade in the well in the trunk, and I keep a bag in what Tesla calls the 'microwave' (the square area at the back of the frunk) with towels, swim suits, a blanket, waterproof coat, and whatever other crap we usually keep in the car, and the main part of the frunk and the trunk are completely empty.

You know, it's interesting - I thought it was ridiculous not to have a center console. But now, with a little leather desk divider I had, I've got compartments for my FastPass, parking permit at the university, notepad, stickies, pens and tire gauge, extra reading glasses AND I have leftover space for my dog's water bottle, and - key - a box of kleenex.

Yes, I think they ran out of time before designing interior enclosures. Why no basket under the armrests? But now I think there may be something to Tesla's "open space."


I like that it's so open

And gone!

Until you own the car you really don't appreciate the simplicity of the design. I love the open space and don't need compartments and pouches - those just hold clutter. I lay my jacket down on the back seat and don't have a problem. Because every other car may have had these things for twenty years doesn't mean Tesla needs them too. We don't have an engine, right?

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@rrios +1

I still miss some internal storage, and I will probably get the CCI despite misgivings about the price. But, I think it is great that people can get what they want -- if you like open space, leave it that way, and if you don't then add something (it would be nice if Tesla offered it). Try and remove a bulky console in a regular car (not to mention the issue of what is under it).

JAT, I agree that "open space" was an excuse for "not ready," which it sounds like you're implying. I just found I liked it better with the desk divider I put there. Too bad I don't have the tan interior so it would match color-wise.

I never realized how much I had stuffed in my center console and glovebox that I could never find when I looked. Now everything has its own slot.

It may, of course, be like Post-Its - accidental genius - but I like it this way.


@rzitrin - no, I am saying different people have different opinions. Many people have said they like the open layout, and in particular women seem to like the large open console are for purses. For me personally, while I can appreciate the open layout I still want more storage. However, I'm not whining about it any more than I would whine about the cup holders being awkwardly placed in the LEAF when I bought it -- if that really is critically important to you, then find a third-party solution or don't buy the car.

Mostly I think it the way it is because Elon wants it that way, just like no door pockets and no grab handles. It's like Apple, you can customize it by putting any color case you want around it, but what you get is the way they want it.

@Jat - it is REALLY like Apple. You might not think you want it, or even like it, but Elon knows better. You'll come around eventually. Or jump ship to the Google can when that comes out. Ice Cream Toaster or whatever the hell they will call it.

@nickjhowe - as someone forced to use Apple crap at work, no I won't come around eventually. "Just works" my a**.

I am thinking of making a minimalist organizer for that space. I would make it of obeche wook if I could get it. Evidently you can only buy that in bulk. Sounds like a desk drawer divider base would be a good start.

I love the minimalist interior. I have a folded up gym towel, a box of tissues because allergies suck, my gym ear-buds and my wife's spare sunglasses in the center console. Plenty of room for her purse, etc left. My shades, a pen, a Swiss Army knife, and some microfiber cloths in the cubby. Docs in the glove compartment.

Frunk currently only holds my front license plate - just in case ;-)
Charger bag, fire extinguisher, first aid kit in the trunk, blissfully empty; until the rare golfing/washing outing - got an expanding organizer for shoes, wet weather gear, misc. golf stuff + chamois and finish cloths for those trips.

"I'm clutter free and I'm lovin it Jerry!"

The old Jetta carted around a box with tools; extra oil, pwr steering, coolant and water, plus jumper cables. The last is probably the only thing I'll miss, helping out the stranded motorist.

Still smiling :-)

Doesn't the interior door handle sit over a large additional storage space?

PLEASE, we want to see a picture of the bubby!

It's not applesque to not have cubbies. It's cheapness.

It's a driver's car. It's also a family friendly car.

(and I am an apple fan with many many iDevices)

@BrianH - There is a tiny space in the door handle (maybe 5" long, 1" wide and 2-3" deep). It's not intended for storage, but you could put something small in there assuming it wouldn't rattle around or prevent you from grabbing it to close the door.

The door bottom looks like it could have been designed to hold something, but after opening up a door a few days ago, it's stuffed with many wires, the speaker module, sound insulation and the door controller module. There really isn't any free space with the current design.