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VIDEO: Caught this 2013 Tesla Model S Cruising down the 101 South in Hollywood, CA

Cruising up from the rear view mirror to the side:

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(YES, it's All-Electric)

Thank you for sharing, enjoyed it!

Thank You! I didn't know much about the Model S until I saw it today & researched it before I posted the video.

Amazing car...hope to have 1 some day!

come on thats plain out creepy..... and a waist of time video of an S while driving?

I dont get what the big deal is re seeing a car driving on the 101? There will be tons of model s in LA.

Tvjamesg, I think it's great that you feel strong enough about the car to do this. But you have to realize that even the EV community has knuckle draggers who can't spell.

Btw the video is pretty high quality. And, for the record, 1 MS is "tons of model s".

On the contrary, I think it's a head of time.

I wonder if that's the same white Model S my wife saw yesterday parked on Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park?

DouglasR LOL!

Tvjamesg, thx, that was cool.

I too hope you will decide to own 1 soon. I LOVE that Tesla Motors is giving folks a beautiful car that makes driving an EV without range anxiety a reality.

Friends of mine have spotted the Tesla 3 times here in So Cal and called and reported to me while driving. They are just as excited for me :-)

I have yet to catch sight of 1 on the freeway :-(

When I'm driving on the freeway, I want the other drivers paying attention to the road rather than filming me WHILE they are driving!

Then, don't drive your MS until they're commonplace! Simples ...