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power limit light coming on, unsure of cause

I've had the car a couple weeks and mostly driven in cool weather (< 60 F). The last few days, I've been driving in a bit warmer weather (75-80 F) in the mountains. I've had the power limit light come on, and lost almost all acceleration for the next few minutes. Yesterday it happened after a 5 minute freeway drive, then 5 miles of mild mountain climb. There was maybe a few quick accelerations, but nothing crazy.

Given the car is so new (~900 miles) does it seem like it could be a fan/cooling issue, or is this typical?


Call service and ask them to download the logs and look at them. It doesn't sound right to me. I haven't seen power limit until after about 20 minutes of zooming up serious mountains.

This is scary to me. I havent received my car yet but a brand new $160k car cutting itself off after moderate driving is unacceptable. I would like to know if others have experienced this problem and whether Tesla was able to fix it.

Who said anything about the car "cutting itself off"? Keep in mind that losing almost all acceleration on a Tesla Roadster puts you about on par with most normal vehicles.

Did you ever found a solution to your problem? I'm curious to know what was the issue.

I've had the power limit notification come on when either low on charge or driving *spiritedly* in warmer weather, especially over longer distances.

Tesla Service can pull your logs remotely and take a look as to what caused the warning. Give them a call. Good team of people.