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Latest Delivery in Washington

Who has the most recent delivery in Washington?

Unfortunately, not me. #296 sig

Here is a post on the Tesla Motors club about the most recent Washington Delivery Special Sig #35 - happened today.


Get a hard delivery date yet?

No hard date, but I think VIN#532, Sig #267 will be in our hands with in about 20 days, so a bit outside our original delivery window of Oct. 8-22, but not a whole lot later. Maybe by November 6th would be what I'm prepared for now. I'll update everyone as soon as we get delivery! I just want our car to be as perfect as possible and if Tesla has to take another 2 weeks to do it, then I'm good with it!

Thanks for the update. My delivery window is Oct 22-Nov 5.
I just wanted to get a feel for how NW deliveries might be impacted by this.

My delivery might be one of the outliers though because I ordered
Obeche Gloss. Also, I was encouraged by the Product Specialist to wait until after the test drive event to configure.

I guess we will know soon enough. Kudos for staying cool!

I was given a window of 9/30-10/13 and it's getting delivered tonight! Sig #497.

Congrats! How much advance notice did you get on the delivery date?

Delivery tomorrow. Got the call today. 1 week past the delivery window. I'll get over it--very exciting. Every reviewi that I read just drives up the interest further. Sig #23--obeche gloss interior was the likely culprit.

Congrats! That's long wait for #23.
How much advance notice and communication did you get?

One day. That was ok with me. It was the wait beyond the delivery window that sucked. Btw, the car is awesome. The drive goes way beyond my expectations. . .!

Hey Robert, do you have a VIN yet? I'd like to add it to the spreadsheet of deliveries, if that's OK:

Stopped by Bellevue Square and saw 4 Model S's all parked, ready to be delivered to their waiting owners very soon! VIN#'s 400, 401, 537 and 540. My car (VIN # 532) completed it's final inspections last night at the Fremont factory and now is waiting to be delivered to Seattle. If all goes well with the transport, I may see my car by the end of next week! Not too late compared to my original delivery window of Oct 8-22nd. Might be about a week and a half later than the end of my original window.

Thanks for the update Blurry_Eyed. Looking forward to hearing some news that will make you bright eyed!

Mine (VIN 484) was delivered on 10/26 - love the car!

congratulations! I am loving mine also. More fun than I ever imagined.

Thanks for the updates. Enjoy!

Any other Sigs from WA getting their VIN's or delivery info?

Stopped by Bell Sq. today and there were more cars that were just dropped off, mine is there! VIN #532. They are going to prep it and it should be ready for delivery by this Saturday (Keeping fingers crossed that maybe even Friday night)!

One Due Bill item that was pointed out to me right away was the rear spoiler. It didn't get delivered with the car, but it will be installed when they get more in-stock. Also did notice that the little cubby space under the touchscreen is installed in my car. That was all I had time to look at. Seems like the Signatures are really moving out the door now, so maybe Tesla will deliver most if not all of them by the end of November.

Picked up our car yesterday (Friday) night! It is fantastic! Have only had a limited time to drive the car, so I'll post some more later once we have some extended driving time. The car did come with the cubby space below the touch screen and the rear seat reading lights. Ben, our delivery specialist did a super job walking us through all the details of the car.


How are you set up for recharging? I am using the temporary NEMA 6-40 util I get the back ordered HPC. I am able to charge at about 28 miles per hour.



I have a NEMA 14-50 outlet setup in the garage and after a weekend of lots of driving, it may be all that we need. I have a HPWC on order, but I may end up canceling it and just sticking with the 14-50. I can get up to 31 miles regained per hour with my setup. But it also depends on what state of charge the battery is at. Haven't had the car long enough to really get an exact feel for what the different states of charge do to the speed of charging. I think it's probably related to the battery management software and the temperature of the battery pack during a charge.

Right now we have been without our car since Monday. It's at the detail shop getting paint film applied to it. We should get it back early next week and I'll be checking out all the details of the car in depth.


Please gives us the details of your paint film experience.

e.g., cost, coverage, appearance and satisfaction when it's done.

Will do! We are getting the entire car wrapped. The detail shop will be doing a blog post when they are done so you can see pictures of their process. We are also getting some interior protection, glass protection and wheel protection.

Scraping the 21" Grey wheels are going to be a problem for us. There is going to be a learning curve on getting used to the width of the car. I think what we're going to do is go to a big parking lot and put down some rolled up towels and practice pulling the car into parking spots and turning corners. If we do that for 30 minutes, I think we will be able learn the borders of the car without damaging the wheels. We already scraped up two of the wheels and I'm getting them fixed. But I am confident if we can just get through that initial learning curve of the cars lines, we will be fine.

In my opinion the 21" grey performance wheels look fantastic, but they really are easy to scrap the edges on, especially if you aren't used to driving a really wide car.

The other thing that might make it harder to judge the lines of the car is that is feels and handles like a much smaller car. It's light on it's feel and it's so nimble and responsive that you forget how big the car really is (Which is a testament to how well Tesla engineered the car). You will all just love the driving experience the Model S brings you!

@blurry_eyed, we had Ben as well for delivery and he did a great job for us.

When I was at Bel Square monday morning and there were 6 or so looking like they were ready for delivery.

I drove past a Roadster owner in I-90 last week and we gave eachother the peace sign. Can't wait until I see more Model S's on my drives.

If you are in the Sammamish Area and you see a Sig-Red, it's likely me. Honk and say Hi!


My friend takes delivery today--I will hopefully be be very close behind!


Did you get a firm date or the final paperwork yet? Is yours one of those sitting at Bellevue Square? We used to have the same delivery window but mine got pushed back a third time a few weeks ago. I heard a couple days ago that I'm nearing the end of production...whatever that means.

I'm curious about the wrap details. I'm leaning towards having it but my spouse is leaning towards not having it. The outstanding concerns are degradation and the lifespan of the films and whether it dulls the paint's appearance. I know it varies from product to product. We haven't done any wraps before. But, I have to drive past a gravel pit every day or take the long way home.

@captain zap
I got the wrap and would do it again. I have the same product on my 4 year old Lexus and it shows no sign of wear or discoloration .

It looks like I'll be getting the car this Thursday! Final paperwork can be done electronically or signed the day of delivery. My VIN is 692 (s564)

Thanks for the update. It helps to hear the progress. I would have thought that you would gotten more advance notice to get everything together.

My car used to have the same delivery window as yours but I guess I got pushed back a bit further. My new delivery window starts Friday and goes through to the end of the month. Maybe I'll luck out and it will be earlier in the window.


I saw VIN 707 in the paddock at Bellevue Square today.