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5-2-2012 - VIN 46 with updated firmware

FYI - VIN #46 - Model S Signature Pearl White with Black Signature Nappa Leather interior and Lacewood Decor is at the Bellevue Square store (Replaced the Red Signature car). The firmware on VIN #46 touchscreen is updated!

I went and saw it on Friday and played around with the interface. I never really played that much with it before, so I don't know what's new over what was there before, but here's some stuff that I noticed (and what I can remember):

There will be a digital manual included in the software. It will have an intro video, and perhaps more videos. There is also a button to call Tesla service from the car. There are tabs to navigate different sections and probably a search. The content was all placeholder, so I didn't really see anything useful for now. There was even placehold gibberish in one spot, lol.

These options can be turned on or off
-drive-away door lock
-multi-door unlock
-walk-away door lock
-child-protection locks

-mirror auto-tilt (we know the car will have programmable mirrors and seats, but I think maybe this option is for tilting the mirror automatically maybe when you're reversing or something)

-exterior guidance lighting (what does this mean?)

I know those settings because I took a picture of the screen. There are more settings on some other screens for the apps, but I don't remember, and most of them weren't accessible or that interesting. To give you one example, the browser had a single setting to set the home page.

There are settings for driving, and I'm pretty sure they only apply to cars with the air suspension installed. There are three options, and I don't remember them exactly, something like Normal, Sport, and Performance.

There is also a 'Jack' option, which is too lift the car with the air suspension. I think there might have been one other option on this screen too, but I can't remember.

There is an option to set Normal or Maximum charging (enables larger driving range, but shortens the battery life).

The pano roof on this car is functional, but they may or may not want to demonstrate it, but I did get to see it in action. It's certainly cool, but exactly as you would expect. The manual sun shade was not installed, and obviously, without sitting in the car in the sun, I can't say for certain, but I question the necessity of the sun shade in the first place.

I know there are some other little things here and there that I can't remember. There are controls to pop the trunk, frunk, and charge port, controls for the exterior lights, controls for the screen color (black background to white background), and more. The screen color controls can be set to Auto, Day, Night, or custom. The custom setting let's you adjust a slider to your desired brightness.

The only other thing that I can remember is that there is a control on the screen that let's you turn the map lights on and off, but the lights themselves are also push buttons, so you can turn them on and off that way too.

When I was in the car, there was also a couple sitting behind me. We got to see the roof opened all of the way. When the roof fully opened, they said it was dissappointing. I think they were looking for or expecting some specific action to happen, or maybe they were hoping it would open over the rear passangers too. I'm not sure, and I didn't feel like asking them at the time. I would be interested to know what they were looking out for, because from what they were saying, I think they are reservation holders, so it's not like they didn't know anything about the car. There must have been some desired feature about the pano roof that they were hoping to find.

There was a page with some statistics about your driving and the battery. It had estimated remaining range and some other statistics and a graph.

The guages screen was not operational when I saw the car. The Tesla rep said he wasn't aware of any especially new changes or improvements to it.

BTW, the Pearl White paint on the car is beautiful in my opion, even though it's not the color I would choose (at least I think).