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Why did you reserve a Model X?

I just put down a deposit, and it may be helpful for others to understand why. I'd like to start a thread for reservation holders to chime in on what features sold them.

We are currently driving a three series BMW, which was bought new and is now almost 10 years old. My wife and I have one boy, and identical twins on the way and as a result have test driven a number of vehicles that would allow three car seats in the second row. These types of vehicles are quite limited, even within the minivan market, and others are simply enormous (Yukon). It is expected the Model X will be able to fit three car seats. The falcon doors give us a ridiculous amount of headroom to better be able to strap in the middle car seat. The amount of STUFF one needs to bring along with just one child is high, with three I feel like we need a trailer. The larger cargo area will come in handy. It is a highly functional and useful design for our lifestyle.

My test-drive with the roadster was amazing. Driving purely electric is a completely different and preferable driving experience for me. I feel the same amount of driving passion as I did the first time I sat in an M3. Never having to breathe in gasoline fumes at a gas station and being able to juice-up (am I the first person to say juice-up instead of tank-up?) from home are obvious and often repeated benefits as well. Lots of other reasons but the ones I listed were the major ones. I intend to keep this car at least as long as the BMW.

Why did you reserve?

I did not reserve a Model X so I cannot comment on this one, but maybe you want to take some inspiration from similar threads that refer to the Model S. I'm pretty sure many of the reasons are the same:

Ah yes thanks, that seems to be getting a lot more attention since the S is actually in production. The S is a great car, but I think the X and S target different demographics. I would never have considered an SUV before the X came along.

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I reserved a Model X because I wanted more cargo space, and when I drive, I enjoy sitting up higher.


I was going to reserve an S, but then the X came along. I live in Colorado, and there are occasionally weeks in the winter when you either have to huddle indoors, or break out the 4-wheel drive and go have some fun. The X got that. I need the 85 kWh battery to make it to the ski areas and back, and the performance version to shore up my fading manhood as middle age approaches. The X allows 4 passengers in total comfort, or six if they don't mind a little crowding. You can cart a serious amount of crap around if you need to. I am also assuming that they will come up with a good solution for a roof rack. In short, once the SuperCharging network is up, I can get the X, and pretty much never need another vehicle.

Excellent thread! Keep 'em coming.
How many specifically want the Dual Motors?

I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. I have always had four-wheel drive vehicles, so when the Model X was announced, it was a no brainer for me. There is nothing like driving past all the cars that are pulled over just to chain up when I go driving in the snow.

Cheers! =)

I currently drive a Honda CRX, or as I like to think of it, a 2 person station wagon. Little bitty car, but with a huge amount of cargo space.

I see the X as similar to my CRX, but on steroids (in the very bestest ways). A key determinant in whether I actually conclude the purchase will be whether I can fold or remove the rear seats, and turn the middle and back of the X into one big flat cargo area. In that configuration, the X becomes a bigger better CRX for me.

In the extreme case, I hope to put an air mattress in the back of the X and do some road trips / camping; 2 person camper / RV!

More comfortable, more efficient, better acceleration, much much more cargo space, handles well, (and more)... The only compromise is that the X will fill out a parking spot more completely than the CRX :)

And AWD, not because I actually need it now, but because I keep cars for a long time (the CRX is at 21 years now), and I don't want today's car choice to limit where I live in the future (snow, hills, those sorts of considerations).

Oh - and switching to electric plus installing a solar array at home, and I can be net-positive for the energy needed for my transportation. I probably won't be able to achieve full independence from the existing energy generation systems, but I can make a good effort. That's good for the planet.

And besides, in the event of the zombie apocalypse, what other car (plus solar array back home), could possibly be better?

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But when you become a zombie, will you still be able to drive?

Probably not. Clearly, the preparations are only helpful if I'm one of the ones that is fending off the zombies :)

Just reserved an X. We currently own and adore a 1012 Leaf. I'm totally sold on electric, but want more range, and want a bit of luxury plus the higher perspective of the BMWX5 I traded in on the Leaf :)

We decided to go for the Signature, in part because we had some cash earning nothing in interest, and thought it might as well sit at Tesla helping them out. This feels like voting for Tesla with my feet. I really want this company and electric cars to succeed. It's a little like angel investing, only with a really cool car at the end.

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Because my three large dogs don't fit in my Roadster :).

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Much cheaper to trade them in on lap dogs and a wicker basket!

My wife and I both ordered Model X vehicles. First, we want very much for Tesla to succeed in their goal to move the world towards electric cars. We support this for all the reasons everyone here knows well (eliminate dependence on oil, opportunity to use renewable energy in solar, etc.) We also like to sit up high and having the room is wonderful. Finally, the anticipated performance is exciting.

We had ordered the Model S before we knew what all the available options would be. Unfortunately, all wheel drive is a must for us (we live at the top of a very steep hill, impossible to navigate in the winter without all wheel drive ) and so we will take delivery on the Model X and forgo the Model S. If in the future they make an all wheel drive option available for the Model S we might seriously entertain it in addition.

Don't be so sure. I guess it would be hard to get a test drive on your hill in winter, but Tesla traction control and the very precise powerful drive train (plus winter tires) can work miracles, even with RWD.

We got the X rather than the X because we do a fair bit of multiple hour drives with friends and think the upright seating will be more comfortable for the middle seat passengers.

I'm hoping they will offer a luxury middle seat option.

I meant to say we got the X rather than the S ...

It would be nice to have an edit feature in this forum!

Brian H;
You are right that the best way to know if the Model S would make it up our hill in the winter is to try it. We surmised that it wouldn't work because no RWD vehicle has made it up our hill in the ice and snow (even the ones with traction control)!Everyone up here owns a 4 wheel or AWD vehicle.

It was very painful to cancel my Model S order, but I will make up for that dreadful feeling with the exhilaration I expect to feel when I take delivery of my Model X in 2014. I just have to be patient!

I thought the model s looked great, but have 4 kids and frequently transport more. I love the idea of getting away from ICE both from a cost of ownership standpoint and for the future of my kids. I have a 50 mile daily R/T commute on both suburban streets and highways - perfect for regen and efficient battery use. Last, my oldest will turn 16 in February 2014 so can inherit my 2006 Highlander Hybrid. It should be nicely broken in by then at about 125k miles. Plus, once the kids saw the falcon wings they insisted I reserve one. If I can keep the family happy and get an awesome new car to boot, I think I'm doing pretty well.

Reports I have heard about Roadster in ice have been rather impressive. I saw a video of one with Roadster and Subaru taking same short road trip and Roadster could keep up the same pace with Subaru in road that was almost too much for most 4WD vehicles. Electric motor torque/traction control is from different world compared to ICE TC.

Considering that Roadster didn't have studded tires and you can get studded tires for Model S, I would be quite surprised if it can't climb that hill. Snow might be bigger problem than ice (enough loose snow and front tires work like snow plower if they have no drive).

My main reason for reserving the Model X is to have the possibility to fit 7 grown up people in it. Most of the time though it will only be me, my wife and 2 kids, but then with plenty of room for other luggage and things. It just feels more convenient than the Model S as a family car. 4 wheel drive will also be good to have during the winter months.

I also prefered to have all the little mini problems solved over the Model S and since Model X is built on the same platform probably wont be there.

Yes, I think many have the same thoughts. But note that the S also will be refining and evolving over the next year or two. New "variants" and options to be announced next year (Q1?).

Brian, I totally agree. One part of me would love to switch my order to a Model S, it is really a beautiful car! If the money was there tomorrow, I wouldn't blink before I put down an order. But one Tesla will have to be enough for now, and it is the Model X that would fit me the best.

What about the upcoming (?) S-pick-up or van?
Less comfortable for your passengers, of course ...

I reserved the X rather than the S because I need more cargo space for my RC planes and I love the idea of being able to travel to competitions around the state for, effectively, free in an electric vehicle. All my planes are electric, so having an electric car is an obvious choice for me :-) I'll sell my Prius V when the X becomes available. Still considering an upgrade to the signature, I like the reasoning someone else mentioned of 40K sitting in a savings account earning essentially nothing, putting it to work @Tesla seems like a good choice...


Yes, interesting; in effect, the negligible savings rate, which starves standard investment pools of capital, at the same time encourages alternate uses of the money.

I made a Model X reservation because my wife needs to be able to drive around our two kids and because we're planning on a third. Her current vehicle, a Land Rover LR3 has a third row of seats that is inaccessible if there are child seats in the middle row and it also uses a ton of premium gas. We'll be getting the AWD model because we enjoy skiing and need something to take us from home in Eugene, OR to Bend, OR (Sunriver). Needless to say, we'll be getting the big battery pack.

Oh, and I'm worried that my wife is going to take my Model S once it gets here.

@Brian H
Regarding your post on 12 november 2012: New "variants" and options to be announced next year (Q1?).

Can you already tell us any news yet about this?

First and last give-away from the tax-thristy Norwegian government ever.

No cartax (normally based on HP,weight, emission etc.)
No VAT (25% on top of the sales price pluss car tax)

This in addition to all the benefits that come along with the Tesla X.

No VAT? That's great.
That means that a Tesla Model X is less expensive than for somebody who lives in The Netherlands?

The variants idea is from early Model S days, and Elon has indicated that upgrades and variants will be revealed this quarter. But all that "news" is being saved for the shareholders' call, I think.