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When is an US citizen allowed to sell his Tesla Model S, after heaving bought the Tesla Model S (with the 7,500 USD tax credit)?

Is there in the US some kind of a penalty for selling your Tesla Model S within a few month's after heaving received it? Will the seller have to return (a part of) the 7,500 USD tax credit to the US government?

It's 1 yr for Ontario, Canada's grant. Not sure -- 6 mo or a year in the US?

I think it is one year (I believe).

It seems you are trying to figure out if you should buy the car in the US and then bring it to Europe. You will almost certainly end up paying way more than buying directly in the Netherlands. Use to search similar threads here. Consensus has always been that it is not worth it.


Dutch (EU) pricing is fair so need need to go this route. (as per your other thread).

Jep, US models does have different 3G/cnnection modes, it will not work in Europe without modifications. And if modifications are available at all.

There was one US car being sold in Holland/autoscout24 but hopefully no-one took that route.

The purchase agreement also explicitly says that the warranty is void for any US/Canada vehicle transported out of the US/Canada. So, you know, if anything goes wrong you'd be stuck with no warranty in the Netherlands. Seems a pretty poor risk to take.

My opinion, you can sell it whenever you want, or have to. The law only says that you can't have bought it for resale. As long as you bought it for personal or business use, I don't think selling it later would be a problem. The credit is for the purchase of a qualifying EV. Period.

GoTeslaChicago - you might be right. I just did some searching on the web and it seems that there is no requirement to keep the car for any period except that you can't claim the credit if buy the car for resale purposes. How the heck they could prove that you bought it for that purpose alone is beyond me.