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Portable batery pack extra 20miles

I have little idea, Tesla can make extra portable batery which can be used in emergency like to have 3galon gas tank in the trunk.
Simply conecting in the trunk area one or two batery pack. To use extra power car will be in some software economy mode max 50mph no A/C no stereo (only Navi) which will give another 10 or 20miles extra.
To use the driver must stop the car and turn on some switch in the trunk are (to prevent using extra distance power during normal use) In some Gas stations later can be those batery pack for exchange or buy or rent).
Good to have one in the midle highway or forest road or trip to hospital with no power (or no time to charge) becouse there is no option to call friend and say Hey bring me el.power here :) meaby if hi have el.generator, then can halp you...

If the Tesla car didnt think about it there is my idea... I see the document in TV on Nat.Geo chanel at Megafactories and i really like that car and later my friend told me tha his father allready pay downpayment for the S model whem visiting US Florida.

So dear TESLA if you like my idea you can give me thank you meaby this way free car :)

With best regards Richard NOGA Czech Rep. (18.1.2013 at 8:05am)

I believe there was a similar discussion on a different thread a while back.

One argument against this is the weight of the battery and whether you would lose more range than what the battery can provide.

otherwise, I like your idea. pick up a battery at any gas station if you need it to get to the next supercharging station.

well the enginers need to calculate the extra weight (20lbs) so that this wieght will low mile range when you have it in car.
If there is some super small extra batery with high power storage like you have for cell phones usb charging box with 8000mA and the size is not that big :)

Sumo, a very good idea!

I hope they TM will realise the merit of a system of on-board and distributed emergency power. There are enough harrowing stories in the forum already of close encounters of drained batteries.

As is discussed here in Norway, the gas station chains recognise the idea of providing charging points throughout, as they don't really make their profit on sales of gas but all the kiosk stuff; they look all like mini-marts with high priced items. To offer charging they increase their business model as we will hang around longer than the gas customer thus likely to spend more. To offer emergency chargers would be a natural proposition like the 5 litre emergency gas they offer.

I am convinced it will come. As long it makes economic sense, someone will fill that need. We may have to wait a bit for it to happen as we are not many just yet. But in a year or so the significance will be noticeable. Point is, should TM do it or someone else... that is the question ;-)

well, to build on your idea, wouldn't it be great if every gas stsations had a Level 2 charger or direct DC charger for EVs? that way, if you're running out of juice before your next supercharger station, you can get some emergency juice to make it through.

There is another option for use, to have one portable batery in garage and just make call to wife , darling could you bring me some "juice" to my car so i can get home from traffic on road.

Or just imagine you are on the long drive and car drain battery , so you can pack portable batery with you if you know that it can hapen. Then extra weight is ok even car eat more power for that extra weigth..
Or you come home from work and no more power in car to go to get pizza and kids are very hungry :) you will say wait one hour until i get some power to car, or you just plug in portable batery and you are ready to go.
I THING THIS WILL COME VERY SOON that drivers will need something like this..

They shou prepare those new car for future , Just to instal some docking conector and universal holder in the trunk for diferen size portable battery,becouse the Tesla service car can have bigger battery for customers which they have problem with battery on road and need to drive to neear TM service point .. Or you can on gas station buy , rent or exchange diferrent sizes with more or less power..

if you forget to charge, or drive more than the software allows you; this will be your punishment

20 miles x 300Wh/mile = 6kWh * 46g/11Wh ~= 25kg. Add cabling and structures = about 35-40kg. About half a passenger. Need to think about cooling/thermal protection too though (batteries get hot when used).

i believe AAA is rolling out this service.

They will turn into Recharge Bars, selling coffee and electricity. Maybe with massage parlors out back.

How about a backup battery for the backup battery? ;)

How much are you willing to pay for the feature?
It sounds like a good idea to have a docking location so road side services can come to you and drop in the emergence battery. I would like the ability to call AAA and not have to wait 30 minutes after he shows up for a charge.

As far as getting one from a gas station or home? I personally would rather see gas stations install DC quick charging. You can probably get 20 miles (6kW according to timo) in 10 minutes. With that you can hop gas station to gas station until home or at a supercharger. IF Tesla ever makes an adaptor.

In Denmark there is a battery swapping station for a particular electric car. It gets about 60 miles on a charge and it takes just five minutes to swap out the battery. I think that would be a great idea! Just pull in and swap out a battery for a nominal fee and then get a 60 mile additional range. It could be like your idea Sudre. Just something in the front or the back trunk that attaches easily taking even less than five minutes.

I think we need an emergency fuel cell, light weight, available at gas stations and something road assistance and tesla rangers should carry with them....

So another option is to take away from main battery those 5 or 6kW so the weigt of car stay almost same. And those kW Put to some portable universal box whit docking conector in the car, and this extra power will work with any future Electric car which have same docking place in the car, ale so you can share this power with some one else. Just want to find out solution how to get emergency power to car where is no place to charge it.
Becouse now only way how to solve it to tow car to the near electric outlet or bring the el.generator to charge the car.. Now with classic Gas engines you get fuel to car in liqid which is easy to carry in some tank.
Meaby need less then 6kW for 20miles if car run in some economy mode with top speed 45mph and no A/C and so.... Not need more than 60-80hp to drive car in this eco mode

Sorry, I just don't see the logic in this. If you need more range, then the base battery should be bigger. If you need help because you are an adrenaline junky and like to test the limits of the range, perhaps there can be software that rezeroes the range. For example, the software could indicate 0 miles of range remaining even though 30 exist, and a software reserve unlock command would enable the remaining 30. This would be the same as a reserve battery and as a bonus wouldn't require exiting the car to plug in a battery to charge a battery, which just seems silly.

There are Electric cars which have small Gas engine which run only generator to charge battery.

Wish I could edit my post. After rereading some of my points aren't relevant:/

Philip... For drivers which drive Just to work and back few milles and every Day they have home place to charge it is this extra power not neccesery..

But until on Roads will be so many qick charge place like now Gas stations it will take few years this extra power will be i think helpful for long range drivers

I hoppe that my friend will let drive the S model when hi finaly get this car to czech rep. From USA. Then i can Say after while how it works for him with charging, becouse until now i have no idea how it will be...


The reason why it makes sense is because the car really is not a 300 mile car. I have been waiting for something other than a fossil fuel vehicle that can give me the range that I really need. This car really sounds like it's going to turn out to be maybe 230 miles or so for reality's sake. For me, that extra 60 miles in a temporary battery would really help. Supercharging in the Midwest is probably not going to be until 2015, regardless of what the literature implies. That's a long time to wait to go visit family!

I am aware of at least one company (high end German appliance maker) working on such a product. I understand it will be a breifcase sized battery pack which may be swapped in and out of electric vehicles to provide an extended range. As battery technology improves, we will likely see other similar products.

drp - an extra 60 miles would require around ~20kWh battery, or half the size of the low-end battery for the Model S. It is really silly to suggest you could just take that much battery on.

If the range of the 85kWh battery isn't sufficient for your needs, then wait for battery technology to improve. Tesla's answer to that today the Supercharger network.

Even in its tiny test countries (Denmark and Israel), those Better Place swap systems are not working out. They're too costly to operate and maintain. In larger countries, it would be much worse.

I do wonder where the future of all-electric vehicles will go. With greater energy density, we will probably see batteries that are smaller and/or lighter, and probably cars with greater range (although not necessarily -- could be smaller, lighter cars with the same range). And certainly, cheaper batteries will permit cheaper cars.

But when you think about it, 300 miles is pretty close to what most ICEs get. And as the charging infrastructure develops, perhaps the research on batteries will push us toward quicker charging times. I would certainly be happy if my car went 300 true miles, but then could charge up completely in 20 minutes, particularly if the charge stations were ubiquitous.

Sorry to wander off topic, but I see portable battery packs giving an added 20 miles as not very useful.

The proposal for a portable battery pack is a solution to the lack of charging options. It is the wrong solution.

The real solution is to promote more charging options. The super chargers are coming and they help, but we need far more. The sun country highway in Canada looks like they have gotten a great start on this. They have the CS90 charger at all sort of location, resturants, stores and attractions. High power chargers should be as available as gas pumps are today.

As you speed up charging times, you begin to run into charging station limits; heavier charging cords and connectors, dangerous voltages, etc.


Ditto. Exactly what I have been saying about SunCountry. They have done a great job and their chargers are closer to me than the current 9 in the US.

jag: it's unlike you to judge someone as "silly"

That was jat

If you need more mileage---drive slower! Don't forget that at 25-30 MPH, 423 miles of range was achieved with the 85 KwH battery