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Personal delivery fee??

I received my paperwork and saw the 1k (990 to be precise) personal delivery fee.
I would prefer to drive off the car from the factory. In that would that fee still apply?
What is Tesla charging an extra 1k for?

Same thing all the other car makers charge it for.

I asked about the delivery fee as well when signing my final paperwork. It is indeed a standard fee (unfortunately) from all automobile companies (at least that is what I was told and I'll assume that they are telling me the truth).

Are all delivery points the same $990.00?

Yes it is

I paid ~$850 for a delivery fee on my LEAF that I picked up at the dealer, and all previous cars I have bought have had a similar fee. Just think of it as "additional dealer markup". At least with Tesla, depending on where you get the car, you get a personal delivery experience for that.

I buy at least one new vehicle per year and have never heard of or paid a personal delivery fee until the Model S. I purchase cars, trucks and motorcycles, mostly German brands and Ford, in Maryland and Virgina. Most do try to add on a titling service fee, which I insist on deleting or won't close the deal.

Dave, you still paid the 30% dealer mark-up.

Often it's called a destination fee instead (part of tax, title and destination added to the sticker price). The government mandates it be a separate line item fee.

It also is mandated to be the same for everyone, regardless of shipping distance or complexity. Frankly, given that Tesla has a very modest retail footprint and far flung customers, I'm surprised it's been kept to under $1000. I wouldn't bet they are making any money on this overall.

I understand when you get your car thousands of miles away from the factory. For instance car made in Detroit and you received it in Miami. Accepted. But what if I want to pick up the car right from the factory, why should a pay a delivery charge?

This is totally standard for every car sold in the US. The manufacturer charges the dealer and you pay as part f the out the door price. It is on the Monroney sticker.

Why? Simple - it's the same if 0 miles or 3000 miles. Not 1 mile and 3000 miles. If it bothers anyone, have them deliver it to you at the factory gate...

Why take delivery at the factory?

@ylyubarsky Because the government says so.

@Mel: I'm picking mine up at the factory to participate in the factory tour, and to take possession a week or more before I would have otherwise. No, it isn't saving us money, but it does turn the process into something of an event. Besides, a friend of mine who owns a Roadster has never been to the factory and wanted to come along given the opportunity to do so.

GeekGirls, that is exactly what I would have done if I lived closer. My point on asking the question, was that if you felt you were getting ripped off.., then do something different. See Ylyubarsky's comments above

Mei, I too picked up at the factory and for me is was just the opposite. the tour was great, and I wanted to get the car as early as I could (as we had a trip planned for the next day and what better way to break in the car and get to know it). So for me it was just the opposite - I felt lucky to have the option to do this (what other manuf would do this?) - and similar to geekgirls, I also brought along a Roadster owner and his wife and we all had a great time. It was an experience and one that my family and I will never forget.

I still don't hear that anybody could justify a delivery fee if you pick up the car right from the factory. And by the way Government has nothing to do with the delivery fee

Jjaeger, we are in agreement... I was being facetious because of complaints about paying a delivery fee,... See above.

It IS required that if you charge a fee to one customer you MUST charge the same fee to all (spreading the cost among all buyers). See for the details.

I 'hear' just the opposite - many who have justified it and more. To each his own.

This is usually the destination fee that pays for your car to travel from the factory to the point of sale. It usually isn't $1,000. The price does seem high. If you are picking up at the factory it would seem to be an unnecessary expense as there is no shipping of your vehicle. I recall other luxury brands providing, flight and hotel for a factory pickup (maybe when economic times were easier).

Jjaeger, what do you mean when you "hear" just the opposite? The opposite of what? What was justified ?..

I thought that a factory tour, when you are taking delivery, was a great way to go.. Sorry I jumped to agreement tooo soon.

Good point from GreenMachine13. If the person decides to pick up the car from the factory and flies from NY to California he pays for the airplane ticket then he pays for a private delivery from the factory to NY. Why does he have to pay a destination fee? I understand if he picks up the car in NY and pays a $ 1,000 - it's fair. Otherwise it's not right. And as GreenMachine13 mentioned that fancy companies even paid for a flight and hotel for a factory pick up.

A Cadillac destination fee is $900-$1000 depending on the model, and can't be avoided even if you live next door to the factory. This is a totally standard charge and is always the same for a given car regardless of how you get the car (it's higher for luxury cars because they are shipped in enclosed trucks). This is just the way the car industry works.

Mel, no we're good. I was responding to ylyubarsky's comment. For me in order of value are:

1) factory 'delivery',
2) personal delivery, and
3) standard delivery/prep that we've all endured
with dealership pick-up...

I will reiterate...Tesla only gets to decide how much the charge is; they cannot waive the charge for those who pick up at the factory or charge more for someone in Maine. That's how the law works, regardless of fairness. Considering the number of cars being shipped individually to fairly remote locations, and the number of folks picking up the car at the factory, $990 seems like a totally reasonable compromise, as many have noted that luxury car destination fees range from about $600 to $1200 and none include personal delivery (not that Tesla is in most cases right now!).

I consider the surge in volume responsible. Whether that is a transient result is the question. Will the DS supply ever catch up to demand?

Just in passing: if Tesla can't get a person out to do a Delivery, will they schedule someone to come out at a later time for a "primer" on the car? You'd still get the delievery experience, just a little while AFTER the car got delievered :P