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Model S in the UK

Is there any up to date UK centric information anywhere? Reservation process, lead times, UK,specs etc?

I am planning to couple the purchase of an EV with a solar installation.


Not aware of any. Sorry.

Solar system in the UK?

That will take a 15 year payback at least....

Have any sightings of the naked sun been rumored there?

Tesla doesn't know, so anything else is guess work. Europe Left hand drive will cortainly come first before England in spite of the Roadsters coming from England.

Yes, less "modification" from the correct-hand drive. More involved to mirror everything for the wrong-hand drive.

Thanks (I think :) )

And lol, solar is big business here in the UK, especially with Gov providing some support but the solar is not just for the car... which may never arrive anyway! :)