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Do anybody know if the center console design in the current beta version is going to be what is in the final production car? This is the biggest disappointment for me with regards to the interior of the car. That empty space in the center makes the car's interior look like a minivan and cheap in comparison to other luxury cars. I really hope this is not the final design for the center console.

@1YOUNG1, nobody knows for sure but you are not alone. You may want to read these threads to learn what others on this forum had to say on the issue:

It's for your purse, silly!


I have commented at length about the need for a center consult on both threads that @Volker.Berlin notes. I won't repeat my comments here.

However, assuming that TM is wedded to the beta interior design (no center console—a significant design error, IMO), I wonder whether those of us who want one can have a local custom shop build one at a reasonable cost. I've never had custom work done for any of my cars, so I have no clue what it would entail.

If anyone has experience with this, I'd be interested in your opinion and guestimate of cost. I just spent 15 minutes doctoring a beta photo. It should be obvious that I'm not a graphic designer or an expert with photoshop-like apps, but this is a VERY rough interpretation of what I'd ask a custom shop to implement:

Obviously, I'd much prefer to see Tesla reconsider and implement a console at the factory -- even as an option.

Most of my cars have had a transmission hump and drive train tunnel, which is where the center divider design element came from. Even a front wheel drive has exhaust components to tuck under the car. in that spot. Starting with a clean slate allowed Tesla to have a flat floor front and rear.

At that point the center console wasn't required. I think they removed it to emphasise that unique feature.

After having sat in the car last week, I have to say that I'm quite happy with the design. I could always put a basket or a box down in that space if I wanted to.

I agree with Mycroft. However, one can build their own console out of masonite and either spray paint it black or cover with black vinyl or leather.

I like the ideas of fridge / cooler in that spot, or just some deeper storage. The console Soflauthor drew (15m? you are good!) could work too. I would miss having a little change tray or similar.

Cars used to have some accommodation for smokers, tho that's becoming an optional feature these days. If Tesla could have a smoker vs non-smoker option for that center space it would be nice.

My design would cut that space 70/30 lengthwise -- a deep tray for "small items" that tucks under the center console then a covered deep middle space for other stuff. The passthru section makes the storage spot less deep, but I'm not seeing a problem with the console being too deep. The cover could be rollup desk style with the storage chunk in that little carved out area in front of the armrest.

Soflauthor, if that was 15m I'm impressed. The resulting image does a great job of visualizing the available space and how it could be used.

One idea comes to my mind that has not been mentioned yet: You should be able to rest your elbow on the armrest while navigating the touch screen. I think that would drastically help to hit the virtual controls you are aiming at while the car is moving -- even for the passenger. To me, it looks like the arm rests in the beta model are probably too far back to be used while tapping on the screen.

This is so obvious that I am confident Tesla is aware of this detail -- just as a visible and touchable rim/frame around the screen may help orientation and serve as a hand/finger support while navigating the screen. The latter argument came up to counter the idea that a perfectly and almost invisibly integrated touch screen would be slicker. It probably would, but the rim is almost definitely a good deal improving usability.

@Volker.Berlin wrote: Soflauthor, if that was 15m I'm impressed. The resulting image does a great job of visualizing the available space and how it could be used.

Thx, but don't be impressed. I simply used a jpg photo in a simple little drawing program called EazyDraw (Mac). It's not a 3-D model or anything like that, just an 2-D overlay on top of the photo. A few polygons, some lines, and a fill function and it was done. Okay, maybe the annotation added another minute or two :)

More important, if Tesla insists on a flat floor to make an unnecessary statement about the Model S being non-ICE, even at the risk of turning some potential buyers off because the interior is just not 'right,', I'll hand my little drawing to a custom shop in Fort Lauderdale and ask for ideas and a quote. As I said earlier, I'd much prefer that TM provide the console directly or as an option.

@stephen.kamichi: However, one can build their own console out of masonite and either spray paint it black or cover with black vinyl or leather.

I hope you're kidding. I'm pretty handy with tools and masonite, but a DIY project applied to the interior of a new $60,000 - $90,000 luxury car would be ... how can I put this ... ill-advised :)

Soflauthor, nice work.

I doubt TM will include a center console. If they don’t, it will be a popular option if offered.

I know interior conveniences, tow hitches, roof racks, have been forumed to death, but… I would like to see two cup holders in my ‘optional ’ center console’ that have a three way switch: Off, Heat, Cold.

How about a microwave oven where the glove box is? Just kidding of course. Does anyone use gloves anymore?

"Does anyone use gloves anymore?"

Don't get 'em started!!!

Microwave/gloves: Did you want your gloves warmed up?

Cup holders: you'll want the submersible 17" display option so quick stops don't destroy your display. Unfortunately, that option reduces touch screen sensitivity. You'll need the plug-in heated etip gloves.

Question. If there had never been a drive shaft, would there have been a center console? Was the introduction of a console to cover the center hump in the floor associated with the old front bench seat?

Jackhub, that's my guess. Like the old wives tale about railroad guage was determined by preferences that go all the way back to roman wagon design, and the roads they built.

I've reversed my thinking about the center dash over the last few days. I'm allways short on storage space. Also nice to have a place for my right elbow that matches the armrest built into the door. And cupholders close to my hand.

I'll be pleased to get my car eiether way. These guys have done a great job so far, so whatever they decide on should good.

Question. If there had never been a drive shaft, would there have been a center console? (jackhub)

I'd say yes.

[...] earlier models of the Porsche 911's (I owned a 1979 Porsche 930) had very little in the way of a centre console, other than the stick shift, it resembled the "purse space" on the Beta Models at the Factory Event. Recognizing that a rear engine ICE does not require a transmission\power-train tunnel that a front engine vehicle would need, it is interesting to note that a substantial factory centre console was introduced in later models of the 911. (An after market console was available for the earlier model 911's and could be easily installed, it included gauges, ash tray, lighter and small storage area. It fit over the stick shift , and when completed, looked reasonably well integrated with the interior of the cockpit). (Denis Vincent)

@jackhub That is a very good question, my 1979 Porsche 930, being rear engine, did not have a Center console, the stick shift protruded directly form the floor area synonymous with the empty space between the driver\passenger seat in the Model S. What is interesting to note however, a subtantial center console was introduced in subsequent 911's. No doubt, the main purpose of the center console is to accomodate the drive shaft and the " mechanical user interface" for the standard\automatic transmission in a ICE (age)V, which is obsolete in the Tesla Model S. The other purpose for the center console was as an instrument "clutter" for gauges, controls for the Sound system(disc player, casette player, radio) and heater mechanisms, which are also obsolete on the Tesla S. That leaves us with only a couple but no less important(form follows) functions that the center console serves, that is storage, which requirements have signicantly changed(discs, casettes being obsolete) and cupholders(which weren't necessary until Starbucks came along). Personally, I would rather not have cupholders any where near the armrest, and as mentioned in a previous thread, should be designed similar to those in the Audi's. Rather then a having a cavernous hole(or two) in the console, the holder "pops" out of the dash (which could be ideally placed below "The Screen") when you need it and returned out of sight by pressing it back in. As a storage compartment area and considering the unusually expansive space between front seats, covered and secured makes sense for some us but may be more practicle left as an opened space for a briefcase, laptop or purse for others, which makes the center console an option..!?

@Volker.Berlin You are quick on the draw, while I was typing this thread, you posted yours, "appreciate your connectivity"!

;-) Sorry I didn't know you were typing already...

Another question. If we had not had the hump on the floor would the bucket seat have become so popular? Would we have more bench seats in the front?

Not in Germany. Having a bench in front always appeared to be a very American thing to me. Germans love Seitenhalt (lateral support).

You do not want a mosonite or even very nice wood console if you are in a really serious crash. You need padded but firm structures to guide your legs.

I was in the beta today snd i suspect the interior is going to be more like the alpha.the interior is nowhere near finished based on a careful look at the interior. The center section is a crude quick job.

Now bench rear seats have long served an important role in the car culture. My son is 15, so I imagine he will come to appreciate this flexibility.

And unlike our day, you'll be able to keep the temperature control on without having to have the engine running while you spend a little quality time in the car....
The bench seat may be American in origin, but if so, it was adopted by Daimler very early. My first ride in a Mercedes about 55-60 years ago was between two people in the front seat- a bench seat. When I visited the Daimler museum at the plant outside Tuscaloosa, Alabama where the M-class was first produced, photos of early Mercedes nodels showed the elegant comfort of the front bench seat.

Perhaps we have different time references? ;)

If there is no center console for storing portably devices on, what is the point of the USB ports below the screen? Not having a center console is going to be tough for myself to get over. Never appreciated the look in a minivan and definately not in a sport sedan.

I'm sure it will be addressed in the production version.

Agreed. But, that is a good point: where is someone going to place their iPod/iPHone, etc?

If there's no center console, it goes in your pocketbook.

I do need a centre console for storage, armrest while using touch screen AND 2 Cupholders.