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AZ buyer - sign paperwork in CA or Oregon???

I live in the PHX AZ area and have a S85 on order scheduled for delivery in mid August. Question, does it make any difference to sign the paper in CA or Oregon? Tesla said I will pay the sales tax in the state that I purchased. I thought the tax was paid upon registration in AZ. Any AZ owners have experience?

I am from Phx and flew to OR to sign. You pay nothing to OR because they dont have sales tax, but when you register in AZ they make you pay the tax to get your plates and registration. I believe if you sign in CA you pay taxes there, and then the difference in AZ.

Sales tax is paid upon registration in AZ

So it really makes no difference? You pay az taxes only, not Cali plus az, correct? Thanks for the help

Of course if you have a residence in Oregon or Washington, you can register and license in that state and visit your other residence in Arizona. In fact the savings in sales tax can probably offset the cost of a small cabin in one of those locations. Another benefit to Washington residency might be no income tax as well.

If you sign in California you will have to pay their sales tax.
That is why we couldn't do factory pickup.

Also, there is no sales tax on EV's in WA.

The WA EV sales tax waiver expires in a couple years.

I did online signature. Car delivered to my home. When the car is registered you pay taxes and registration fee.
Really easy.

I also signed online in AZ and paid only AZ taxes. If you sign online they will not charge CA sales tax and the car will be shipped to you. You will have to pay AZ state taxes when you register at the MVD. You should also get a letter from the city sometime asking you to pay the city taxes. I am in Phoenix and have not gotten my letter yet. My car was delivered mid May.

If you don't live in CA, do not take delivery of your ModS in CA or you may be subject to both CA sales tax in addition to whatever sales or use taxes your home state imposes: