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Anyone have an air leak around the sunroof?

This is not the creaking problem I have seen mentioned.

Under 60MPH the cabin is very quiet.

Over 60MPH there is a significant uptick in the air noise around the front of the sunroof when it is closed-- basically a hissing noise. I had the service center test drive it with me and they also concluded this was abnormal-- they have ordered a new front sunroof housing that will presumably fix this issue, which is suspected to be a loose seal.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and how it was resolved.


My gasket pulled off as the delivery specialist showed me how tk use the sunroof for the first time. Still waiting on the replacement part.

I had a similar issue with almost the exact same symptoms. I could even see that the glass was not flush when closed. Tesla installed a new seal and it has been perfect ever since. I use it all the time, and the only issue I have now is the middle seat belt in the back whipping in the wind (very minor issue, but something I want to figure out sometime).

I picked up my MS on Sunday and have driven it a few times on the freeway. Its a quiet cabin ride at slow speeds. But there is a clear uptick in the noise level from the center front area of the sunroof at speeds above 50mph. Need to to take it back to the service center..

I have the same issue driving into the wind and speeds over 70

Yep, me to.. I will have to check the seal

Thanks for the input.

Encouraged that jzahrt was able to get it resolved with a new seal.

I am taking it in to the service center next week, will repost with results.

Mine starts to make noise around 100mph - but I figured that was just the speed and to be expected.

curiously, my 1st high speed drive was up to about 100. the sunroof was quiet except that around 95 or so, there was a pop of sorts, then the sunroof has made wind noise at 70 ish above since. I did just notice that the thin black seal at the front of the roof varies in its height relative to the roof. will check with the service group about this.