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Aluminum finish ?

Ok Tesla Fans---how about just a nice clearcoat over the S's aluminum body? The cobra replica looks beautiful. Maybe also with some painted accents?


The body is aluminum polished to a mirror like finish with 'brushed' main stripes. Many are concerned with care of this finish but in reality it is not any more difficult than caring for a high quality paint job. Use a quality car duster to remove dust and if you get a scratch or nick, you can easily use aluminum polish on a soft cloth to get rid of the blemishes. Most customers use plain water to rinse the car off from time to time or window cleaner for tougher grime.


I would love that. I think there is another thread that covers this as well.

I had also asked for this finish a long time ago on one of these threads and yes, I would have loved that as well. I think there was a fear of it being "too" shiny and distracting? Reference the Fisker Karma that Justin Beeber had done with the same finish.

Why am I the first to comment about the fact that you can buy this at Costco?!

And please don't do this it's tacky and showboating-y, like Bieber's Karma or those crazy gold and platinum cars from the UAE.

The advantage of Costco is the 100% returns policy. You don't like it. They will take it back. Wonder if that applies here.

I never meant for it to be flashy or shiny like that, I was hoping for a more brushed metal look myself, just sand down the aluminum, no paint, maybe a protective coat and ship it off to me.

Here, like this:

Or the bottom left image on this page that blends really nicely into the carbon fiber with a red stripe which would go beautifully with my performance black interior with red piping

Precisely - a-la Delorean. Brushed aluminum would look slick, but you'd have to ditch all the chrome accents (which are a bit flashy for my taste anyhow). It would be a tough conversion.

Leofingal -- but you'd have to ditch all the chrome accents

The chrome makes the Model S look like an ostentatious 1950's Detroit car. Chrome has no place on a modern automobile, in my opinion. I believe that there is aftermarket tape that you can put over the chrome to hide it. It's a pain to do but preferable to all that chrome.

I'm with the original poster and Ben on this. Clearcoat over polished aluminum with Carbon Fiber accents would look great and not over the top like Bieber's chrome monstrosity.

Here's a photo of the Bugatti Veryon Pur Sang.

Bugatti Veryon Pur Sang


The Bugatti in the previous photo is polished aluminum. It looks great!


Here's the original thread, in case you are interested:

Wow someone managed to make a Bugattie even more ugly.


I was afraid it was just me. What I see when I look at that image is a chrome toad.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder! Gives some context to the negative opinions on the look of the Model S.