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New Blog Post by Elon, Closing remarks on NY Times and Thanks to the customers...

I never thought I'd live to see the New York Times blink. TSLA stock up 6%. One takes on Elon Musk and Tesla owners at their own risk.

Commented: "You can't buy free publicity." They may or may not post it. :D

after a tough week for all the teslites, today was a great day.....looking forward to earnings report.

Nice, although I don't think the NYT/Sullivan would characterize their statement as a reversal of opinion, but yeah, it was awesome.

And, dang, that grey Model S looks sweet. That was my original color choice. Maybe I should've stuck with that...

I saw some owner photos of the dolphin gray, and I was really disappointed. In some light it looked great, but in other lighting conditions it was really unattractive. Sorry, off topic I know!

Godspeed Elon!

Standing on principle has never failed you.

The message was, "He didn't measure up to our standards." A kinder verdict than he deserves, but very close to the bus wheels.