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Exporting a Tesla to other Countries?

I was wondering, anybody have experience in exporting a Tesla Model S to another Country. I have an uncle who lives in Israel and is ready to purchase a Model S, while I'm located in New York City. I was hoping to help him.

Anybody have experience in this kind of stuff?

If you can help me out, I'd certainly appreciate it, you can reach me via email at

Beware of that warranty might not apply. I asked a rep the same question about brining a model s to europe.
I'm really hoping they will have world wide warranty when they start conquer the world:)

There's no "might not" about it. The warranty is quite clear:
"This New Vehicle Limited Warranty applies to a Model S vehicle sold by Tesla in the Tesla North America Warranty Region and transported or driven only in the Tesla North America Warranty Region. For purposes of this New Vehicle Limited Warranty, the Tesla North America Warranty Region is defined as all 50 states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, and all 13 provinces and territories of Canada. If your vehicle was sold, transported or driven outside the Tesla North America Warranty Region, no warranties, including this New Vehicle Limited Warranty, will apply."

Wait up, I'm a British dude who wants to live in Libya to teach English. If I buy a car in the US, ship it over here, drive it around a while, and then ship it back to the US to drive around on a road trip, whilst on Libyan license plates, you're telling me I can't get service?

What if I use it abroad as a transit/travel vehicle? If someone drives to Greenland, or... well, takes the ferry, their warranty is voided?


I emailed you regarding export to Israel and how it can be done