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Creating a warning label not to slam the frunk?

So as I picked up the car from the valet yesterday, I noticed that the valet accidentally opened the frunk with the FOB - an understandable error. However, I saw him opening it up and getting ready to slam it down, at which point I had to scream "STOP," ran over, and told him that it should be gently lowered and then to press down with both hands to lock it. I could have easily missed it, and it got me thinking to creating / printing a label - or a letter sized laminated page to drop in the frunk - to alert such indivuals of the proper procedure to close the frunk.

Has anyone gone through this? Any suggestion, recommendation (wording, etc) or other thoughts?

Question also posted on TMC forums.

What's wrong with slamming the frunk?

@ Phuluparnason

When I took delivery of the car, the DS was very specific about not slamming it. He explained that it was somewhat more fragile than most other "hoods" because it is made out of aluminum and thus is more pliable. Not sure whether it would bend, get dented, or what, but I'm not taking any chances

I got the same message from my DS. Then last weekend I was showing the car the a couple of friends, and I opened the trunk and frunk. They looked awhile and then I walked behind the car and closed the trunk, when simultaneously one of my friends slammed the frunk. My heart stood still for 30 seconds while I inspected it, and thankfully no damage.

Aluminum is not all that fragile, but it is still needing respect. Do as the DS advises and press it closed.

The Frunk is a strange beast when it comes to closing. I was also told not to slam it, lower it for the first latch to catch then press with both hands over the latch to get second latch to shut. Bigger question is how did the Valet get to the screen to open the Frunk? Not a easy navigation for someone who doesn't know the car.

@rtesta - the valet just pressed the fob, and it happened to be pressed on the button to open the frunk.

How does valet parking this car or going to a car wash for that matter work? Is there a valet FOB that comes with the car?

@ALSET, no special valet FOB.

If you search through the and forums, you'll see numerous discussions of car wash issues (putting car in neutral, etc.). The car has no special valet mode (for now).

I had a car with an aluminium bonnet before, it's not a big deal. My method was to lower to about four inches from closed and let go, closed every time. I suspect their advice about slamming is more that if you have something -in- there (lets say a push chair) and slam it shut (and the push chair is slightly too big), then you'll bend it.

@Flaninacupboard Actually, it's not about cargo in the frunk.The delivery specialists have been telling us that because of the stronger steel latch, and the aluminum hood. If you put pressure on the wrong portion and/or slam the hood, the aluminum portion might deform around the stronger latch.

The air seal is so good that slamming it might blow the dashboard into the front seats.
Just kidding!! ??

You also should not slam the frunk when your passenger is still in it.

What happens if you slam the frunk and the trunk at the same time? And the doors? Haha. JK. I do respectively appreciate the comments about the frunk for those soon to be owners. thanks.

It could pop their eardrums.

You blow out the pano roof.

The "eardrums" warning was for Jim.


Caused many seconds of speculation about what body part corresponds to the "frunk" ...

@Brian H
(off topic)
Do you ever sleep?


You just got your long-awaited delivery, correct? How do you have time for such frivolity?

You should be driving your new 60kWh, or taking photos!

When I can. Not often before the wee hours.

Don't slam the frunk? Why would I say anything bad about the frunk? I like the frunk. I mean, I don't care about the Kardashians, but I don't slam them either.

Jim2855: I thought your answer was the best. ...passenger is still in it. That was GREAT !

I put a very slight crease in my frunk yesterday.

It's not a matter of slamming it, as far as I've seen. It's a matter of applying too much pressure on a part of the hood that is not supported well enough. To date, I have been very careful about closing it, and then yesterday I was in a hurry and in a lapse of concentration, I just pushed it closed with one hand and felt the the center area bow inward as it closed. Fortunately, it immediately popped back out and the crease left behind is very subtle. I don't think it is really noticeable unless you are actively looking for it. The problem is that I know it's there and it annoys me to no end.

I absolutely love my Model S. But these kinds of features need to be more robust on a daily driver. Most people are fairly task-loaded, especially when you throw a couple kids into the mix. You're loading the car and your mind is on a dozen other things, not how you must baby the fragile hood.

I suppose I'll ask the service center if there's anything they can do about it the next time it goes in. But I really hope the engineers modify the design to make this area sturdier.


When did you take delivery. I saw a MS at Century City that has a new reinforcement in the frunk liner. Not sure when this was changed.

@Arturo M - I too have had this happen and plan on having service take a look at it. They've indicated it "might" be something they'll cover under warranty, pending an inspection of course.

Any reason (besides the cost factor?) why TM didn't provide a motor to close the frunk as they did with trunk?

During my first visit to a Tesla store, I used the display controls to open the frunk, checked it out, then absolutely slammed it closed. I didn't know any better :( A Product Specialist had an absolute look of horror on her face as she rushed over and I guiltily turned and walked away.

You did nothing wrong. That's what we've done to trunks, hoods, boots, frunks, whatever-you-want-to-call-it for years. If there's something special about theirs they need to let everybody know prior.

The newer frunks are heavier and tougher.

Good to know`Brian H. Maybe not that big an issue on new cars then?

..but maybe its possible to install something on the inside of the frunk/latch area, to distribute the pressure better?
Get someone to make a piece of metal with the correct curve, and glue it in place behind on the back side of the alu-frunk top where one normally would put pressure on it?

My Jaguar XKR is 100% aluminum and is strong, I slam the hood and trunk, it has never been a problem.