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Bring back the MS 40 Plz TESLA

I have the 85 but need a 40 for a second car

Any1 have a ms40 4SALE ?

Not 2DA.

The 40's rock for sure!

Good luck with that!

I think Tesla lost money on the 40s. They use the same battery as the 60, but they reduce it via software. So Tesla had the same cost as producing a 60, but a lot less revenue.

You may be able to find a "preowned" one.

@2kids10horses: Not initially they didn't. They decided they no longer wanted to produce the 40kwh batteries effective immediately when customers still had orders in for them. In order to resolve that, they decided to give those customers with outstanding orders 60kwh models limited to 40 via software. So there are few plain 40s and a few 40/60s out there.

No, 2kids is right

They never made any true 40's, they kept delaying them and then cancelled them, selling the software limited 60's to the people with outstanding orders.


Are you sure about that? If there really are some actual 40s they will be real collectors items some day.

No, the cells were never made, even, AFAIK. Much less the full packs.

@mrspaghetti thx for the info

@church70 - Perhaps you should get in touch with @HenryT2 to purchase his S40 so he can get his P85.

What would you do without another Telsa swap meet?

@Chuck Lusin +1

Although there may be a few, I think finding a 40 owner who's unhappy with range will be rare.

My 40 takes me everywhere I want to go. I'm driving it 50% more than the 12k miles/year originally planned and still no range issues.

With the 4.5 software upgrade, I'm getting 140 miles of actual range - nice.

Where are you located? HenryT2 may be open to the idea. He lives a few blocks from me and his red 40 is gorgeous! Having a 40 includes the option for a 60 upgrade, so maybe he'll just keep it. It's worth asking.

They can't bring it back since there were never one made.


It was the 40 that got me to buy the 85 So the 40 is good for tesla

Toronto? Oh! That's a bit of a drive - only 36 non-stop hours to the Seattle area. Probably too far, eh?

LOL maybe

But thx eAdopter for the info

Here's another MS40 for sale....but the price is crazy high...

That guy is selling his MS40 for $76K??? I'll take $70K for mine! Hell, I'd take $60K. Who would pay $76K?

But I've decided I'm not going to sell (unless someone offers me more than I'd pay for a new 60 - again, what was that guy smoking?)

Got me a 2012 SL leaf today 6000 km for 20k for a second car not bad No more gas cars for me : )

The Leaf 1500 km later not a bad car for the $ but a MS 40 would be the best second car for me BRING BACK THE MS 40 PLZ TESLA
but still No more gas cars for me : ) love it

There were never enough 40 orders. If you want the 40 to be created (and created is the word, since a downrated 60 is a losing proposition for Tesla Motors) maybe you should start a pledge drive or create a trustworthy escrow account to hold deposits. Show TM 15,000 committed buyers, and it might make sense for them. Otherwise, forget about it.

I think, if Tesla gave it more time, there would have been a bunch more 40 kWh orders; however, they made the decision to nix it while the Model S was still relatively untested and unknown to the general public... before Tesla was profitable, before the Consumer Reports 99 rating, before crash test ratings were released.

These are things that many folks like to see before deciding on purchasing a car. It does not surprise me that most of the early adopters chose the 85 kWh or 60 kWh battery packs: I bet most (definitely not all) were not really stretching to buy this car, plus most early adopters seemed to be focused on the long-distance aspect of the car (road trips, superchargers, etc). I think the 40 kWh cars would have been very popular with the more conservative car-buying public (i.e. non-early adopters), many of whom probably have a second car and don't need the road trip EV (yet).

That being said, here are two reasons why the 40 kWh may not have made sense for Tesla even if they did have more reservations:
1. Since they are still production-constrained, it makes sense to produce as many of the more profitable cars as possible, so if you can completely fill production with 60s and 85s, then there is no reason to produce 40s. This obviously changes if/when they ever become demand-contrained, but I imagine by then, they could possibly have a 40 kWh (or maybe have a 60 that costs as much as the original 40).
2. Elon has mentioned that the 40 kWh prototypes just weren't good. I don't know exactly what this means, but maybe it simply didn't meet his personal performance requirements that he wants in a premium sedan. In any case, he didn't like it, and he's the boss. He might have had a different view if not for #1.

+1 Longhorn92 ic that now thx to you

Tesla should do 60 downgrade where they turn a 60 to a 40 and give you back money :)

BTW, I love my 40, and am so glad I was an early adopter and able to get this phenomenal car at an "affordable" price.

Since they are at a really high production rate without the 40, I don't expect it will be back any time soon - there is no need. However, if the 60 and 85 demand decreases significantly, I would bet that the 40 would come back as originally intended (not software limited, but a true 40 pack)so as to bring the factory back up to capacity. All my personal opinion of course..

Buy a used 60 after about 300,000 miles. ;)

Not going to happen. At least not until Tesla could make more cars than they can sell.