What does "P85" signify?

Perhaps demonstrating my ignorance, but what does P85 signify? Specifically, I am seeing it on the "About" screen in the car (touch the Tesla logo). My understanding was that this indicates a Performance version (85 kWh), but I do not have a Performance edition, just Signature. Is this just an inaccuracy reported on the About screen (as some have indicated theirs shows the wrong wheels)?

P signifies General Production...S signifies Signature. Around here, people use Perf. To signify Performance.

And yes, mine shows the wrong wheels too (I have 21" my screen shows 19"...However, as I plan to swap out to 19" wheels for winter as soon as they're back in stock, I'm not pushing for it to be corrected).

So in that case, shouldn't my About screen show S85? or PS85? Either way, no big deal... just was curious. Thanks!

Oh, my bad, missed that you were a Sig. Hmmm. Time to call Tesla!

Yes, you don't qualify for that 'P' no matter which way you figger it. Defect!


i was told by my DS that the 'about' screen was a typo. most every one with the older software shows the P85 with 21 inch fan wheels. (in this case the P stands for performance) i have the same screen and i'm a general production with 19 inch wheels. this will be fixed with a software upgrade.


I have a Signature P85, I can confirm that P stands for Performance and 85 for the 85KWatt battery pack. Signature badging and logo also appear on the software screen.

I also show the grey fan wheels when I have the dark grey ones on my car but DS said that is a very quick fix, I just need to take the time to take it in.

surprised it's not an OTA.

Check the 8th digit of your VIN. If it's a P, you got an extra Christmas present last year.

@DouglasR No such luck. No Ps in my VIN. :(

P85 means Performance 85Kwh battery pack

The information and picture on the About Screen is changeable by the Tesla Tech. I ordered a performance car with 21" Wheels and Carbon Fiber Spoiler. Initially the picture did not show the correct wheels and spoiler. After a trip to the service center, that was corrected and now it shows both the correct wheels and spoiler (although my spoiler is actually not installed yet). So I would think the P85 designator is also changeable.

what does the + stand for on the P85 model

Upgraded suspension/handling