Time to finalize?

I am #10,702 and in My Tesla Garage I have the Finalize button now available. I have not received any communication from Tesla that it is time for me to finalize or that I am up to design my car. When I first saw it I got very excited thinking my long wait may be coming to an end, but before I get too excited I thought I'd ask if anyone has heard of being able to finalize without any word from Tesla? What do you think, is it okay to start getting that special grin?

Yes! Some people have finalized before they get the email! And it can't hurt to try!

I am #12361 and have received an email to finalize.
It is indeed an exciting moment to push that button, knowing that by doing that, I will finally accomplish my long-awaited day dream to own a long-range decent electric car.

If you have everything "all laid out", sometimes they don't bother with the email, apparently.

@N8Tyler, @edcalls: Had you checked your "My Tesla" page since 12/20? According to this TMC post/thread, US Production Reservation #12,568 finalized a few minutes after getting the finalize button on 12/20.

I am 12848 and just received my time to finalize email

I got an email saying I need to Finalize before January 16th.

If I finalize, what happens with my reservation?

Finalize means commit to buy?

There is no information about it, just a button.

I'm willing to keep the reservation as long I can get it back since I'm waiting for a couple things happen before I can commit to buy.

Where I can get more information what "Finalize" means?


You should call +188851TESLA (+18775183752) for reservation questions. Note that they might redirect you to Ownership Experience.

Also, these pages might answer your questions:

@rlpm thanks for the info

@gustavo_franco: You're welcome!