Supercharger announcement's WA-OR stations

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By next winter, we see Vancouver BC, Burlington and Centralia I-5, and TriCities. Plus one in progress in Seattle. Looks as if we will be able to make it to San Diego on superchargers. The 120kws are in beta now.

Cool! The Tri-Cities one looks more like Ellensburg.

Super excited for the superchargers along I-5, I just recently made a road-trip to Vancouver BC and back to Seattle in one day using the Blaine J1772 for posterity. Just to say I had done it once before the supercharger changed everything. :-)

Still looks as though there is no convenient place to charge along the Olympic Peninsula though. I doubt the Nissan dealer would let me use the J1772 that's out there and that seems to be the only one near Port Angeles I can find.

There is a level 2 charger at Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner. Look it up in Recargo. I haven't used it, but a Model S successfully charged there a few weeks ago. Looks to be only 20 amps, however.

Buzzbuzz on TMC is trying to organize the installation of a 70 amp J1772 charger in that area.

Bperry01: I left my Model S charging overnight at the Southern Oregon Subaru Volvo Mitsubishi dealer in Medford. I had called ahead. The people there were very helpful and gave the car a good lookover. A hotel was about a mile away. I suggest you call the Nissan dealer and ask.

I have called Nissan dealers and they say 'go ahead and charge if it's empty.' Probably attracts people to their dealership.

Realistically... from Seattle to PA is 60 road miles. Do we really need a SC out there?


Assume you are going from Seattle to Kalaloch Lodge, a place we like to go a lot. The distance is about 175 miles. The only charging facilities at the lodge are 110 outlets in, or in some cases, outside of, the cabins. So you could plug your car in for 48 hours straight (two nights, and not using the car while you are out there). If there were a SC, you could plug in just one night, and still so a round trip from PA to the lodge (180 miles).

At the very least, we need a CS-90 out there somewhere.

We do the trip to Port Angeles routinely. Redmond to PA is right at 100 miles via ferry. The distance from Centralia to PA is just right for a Supercharger if one is heading out to the Peninsula or to Victoria.

You might try the campground next to Kalaloch Lodge. I think that there is RV outlets there. I know it gets packed in the high season though.

BuzzBuzz at TMC has been working with the the City of PA on a CS90 project but with running the wire, meter and more its getting really pricey.

I just installed a Clipper Creek 11.5kW charger in Sequim, WA. Free, 24/7. 224 W. Washington St. in alley behind Nikola Broadband.



That's great, Robert! Were you planning to list it on Plugshare or Recargo?

It is on Recargo:

I have also added the confirmed locations for the Superchargers in Centralia:

And Burlington:

Any word on Ellensburg. I need to travel to Yakima

Well, if the supercharger map predictions on this site are correct, we've got Burlington and Centralia at the beginning of Summer and Ellensburg at the beginning of Fall.

Boy oh boy. It would be great if that interpretation is correct.

To Yakima from where?

I've got to make it from Spokane to Olympia. If the Ellensburg site isn't ready when you need it, there are plenty of NEMA 14-50 outlets in the Ellensburg area. A couple of hours could give you another ~60 miles.

Of course there is also the 70 amp roadster charger in downtown Ellensburg if you have the adapter.

In Spokane the Davenport has installed two NEMA 14-50's in their Tower garage. They are only connected to 208V but for overnight they are more than adequate. You might have to go thru the valet for access.

I just stopped by the Fairfield Suites in Burlington and talked to the construction personnel there. They anticipate completion of the station in 4 to 5 weeks. I have some pictures of the site and construction if I can figure out how to post them here. (I live about 3 miles away.)

First picture is where the stall will be, other two are showing the construction vehicles and work in progress.

I finally see the Burlington site electric permit posted on the L&I website:

DouglasR, right answer would be for Kalaloch to spend $300 on a NEMA 14-50... not for Tesla to spend $300K on an olympic peninsula supercharger. The SC network is for trunk line travel... I would expect TMC to fund SCs every last place somebody wants to go. Kalaloch is beautiful but if they see one Tesla a month I would be surprised.

I agree that a SC is not necessary out there. But a high amp L2 station in PA and some 240V outlets at Kalaloch and Lake Quinault Lodge would be very nice.

Right, a NEMA 14-50 is cheap to install... but those buildings are old, maybe they dont have stout enough electrical service.

I know a family that has lived in the Hoh Rainforest for generations. They are decendants of the "Iron Man of the Hoh".

They didn't get electricity at their home until 1976.
The "stoutness" issue is very likely on the Oly Pen.