Today is March 2nd. Hopefully TM started producing Red Color Tesla S. Please whoever gets any information on a first production, please post.

I doubt it as the general consensus is the MuliCoat Red would come after all the signature Red's have been delivered. EU has just started to configure the first 2-300 or so, so still 200+ to go over the next weeks. Than these need to be build (or at the least painted).
I would expect at least another month or so...

I was told by a product specialist on February 28th that "red cars go into production mid March". I finalized mine on January 17th and am still being told "April/May".

I have been told the same. I can deal with a May delivery but later than that will cause serious problems with my schedule. Fingers are crossed.

I was told the same as well. Production may start on the 3rd week of March with a delivery date sometime after the mid of April.

I've gotten no update. Mine still says Feb/March so not very helpful. I'm thinking of changing colors . . .

Can't wait to see what the production colour actually looks like in real life. At the moment I'm looking at white or the new red. I love the sig red, but am not so keen on 'flatter' versions.

I'm red. Got my Delivery button!!!!!

Just kidding - wanted to practice. Am so far down the list, I expect about 1500 reds ahead of me. So I am guessing the special 'Delivery' button will appear on April 5.

Not counting the one that shows up April 1 as a Tesla April Fools joke.

I'd love to see more of these filled out. If nothing else, to know who is anxiously hitting refresh on their email with me, hoping to see that Delivery questionnaire email from Tesla.

Multi-Coat Red - Tracking Spreadsheet

Link originally from this thread: Tesla Motors Club Forum Thread: Tracking Multi-Red Production

We all are ! Multiple times a day with the app too :(

And for me, in addition to checking online multiple times per day, I also do a "Factory Drive By" several times a week, in hopes of seeing RED. Nothing to report YET..... except a SIT Red yesterday.

I mean SIG Red

FWIW.. i was just told this

I understand your concerns and apologize for any miscommunications on our behalf.

I have confirmation that cars with Red Multi Coat paint will begin exiting the plant starting April 8th, and your expectations should still be set on April to May for delivery of your vehicle.

Please let me know if this poses a problem, and I will do my best to assist.


Its pretty frustrating. Configured my car 12/5 and now we are talking april -may for delivery? 6 months is too long. I am disappointed that there was no communication that red would take longer to build. others who are many thousands later in the reservation queue have already gotten their cars...

I share your frustration. I ordered last May, configured/finalized in November, was given a Feb/Mar deliver estimate on the MVPA. And, I know there are many others who started the process long before me. If the April 8 is a good date, then it will be nice to have a hard target to look forward too. Hang in there.

Thanks for sharing that update! I'm trying to fill the void between now and when I get to sit in my red S by checking the forums many, many times a day. This is the first semi-formal response I've seen.

Personally, I'm more anxious than frustrated. This car has me giddy with anticipation but I can stand the wait.

There's a silver lining for all of us waiting patiently (or not) for our "awesome red" cars. It's all of the little fixes and improvements that TM is making as a result of the feedback and experience accumulated with each vehicle that rolls off the line and onto the road. Patience is a virtue with its own reward.

The most difficult part of the wait is yet to come. Is it any comfort that the delay for Multicoat Red is much shorter than the delay for most of the Sig Red cars?

I'm wondering if your delay is an artifact of the early Signature delays.


Cant wait for any news about the MultiCoat Red... but I haven't seen any. Has anyone?

Production of red begins April 8.

Steve - care to share the details?

"Production of red begins April 8."

If so, we should start seeing Deliver buttons today.

If so, we should start seeing Deliver buttons today. Desperately clicking refresh... still nothing. :)

No one on the spreadsheet has updated yet:
(#7460 is for his old config before the red switch, I believe)

Just wish Tesla will make some official announcement about this. Or maybe they still need to satiate some Signature red owners who want 'red' to be exclusive a little longer. :(

What is your info source?
Delivery buttons should be soon

I don't think they will start in a few days...
A lot European sigs (Belgian) didn't receive the finalize button yet. Tesla can't start the multi coat red before they know how much signature red's they have to made.
Or they have to made a number of signature red body's on stock.

As noted on TMC, I had discussions with Elon's office, George's office and Joost himself last week. During one discussion I mentioned I originally wanted the red paint but changed color to ensure I get the car before the $2,000 MD State sales tax credit expires in June. Was then told that red will go into production on April 8.

The Sig total is known in advance. Limited edition.

Brian H:
I know this, 500 for Europe.
Tesla have to know the configuration of these,
they only know this after finalize, or not?

Belgian sig. reservation holders didn’t have the chance to finalize yet.
because Tesla is still busy to setup a Belgian Tesla company to made the right documents.

Just got a reply from Tesla confirming that multi-coat red has gone into production. But, they also said it will be 60-90 days from March 12th before delivery of my vehicle! I've been waiting almost a year now (#8254) so I am not happy. Friend of mine just put a deposit down and will probably get his car before me!

There was an update yesterday on TMC:

Elon: “we are currently testing the paint systems this week. Not on full cars or even car panels, just test patches at this point. We will start to actually paint full cars at the end of the first week in April. You should start seeing cars delivered by the end of April, or first week in May”.

The waiting continues...