Is it a Fisker? help me with wise comebacks

This morning I was walking with a friend over to look at my car in the parking lot, and a guy walked by asking "Is it a Fisker?" I said "No, it's a Tesla, a real 100% electric car" or maybe I just said "it's a real car", anyway, I had not been up on what Fisker is other than seeing on Recargo's news that a bunch of them were burned up somewhere in NJ after Sandy flooded the parking lot. So, I went and looked up Fisker Karma, and found that:

it's not pure electric, it's a hybrid, its combined range is only 300 miles (50 miles on the electric, with a 20.1 kWh battery)
its 0-60 is 6.3s (slower even than the non-performance S)
it weighs 5300 lbs (whoa, and I thought the S was heavy at 4647 lbs)
its luggage compartment is 6.9 cubic feet (the S's frunk is 5.3, and the trunk is 26.3 with the seats UP!)

not counting that the S looks gorgeous, weighs less, has a smaller turning radius,
goes faster, farther, carries more people and cargo, built in California...

what wise comebacks should I be prepared for next time?
No doubt I think Tesla is a much better car, and I am only looking for facts and numbers if you have some to share.

"No, this one doesn't have a self-destruct feature"

Here is an owner's review, pretty much sums it up. Especially that the car will do 0-60 in more than 8s in pure electric mode, the noisy gas engine, and the fact it has no pull above 50mph.

Hope that gives you some ideas when somebody asks you the next time.

Simple response: No, this is a Tesla! Fisker's use gasoline... However, wanna race?

@vall, thanks for the link to the youtube owner's review of the Fisker, it is hilarious!

Why do you think it is a Fisker? Is it on fire?

"A what? Oh, you mean the 'hybrid Pinto'!"

Ouch the review about the karma was painful. That guy needs to buy a Model S!

I respect the guy's conscious choice, event though i don't agree with it, it's his money and he is well aware of the shortcomings and the existence of model S. Looking at the comments, there are plenty of people who tell him that he should ditch the fisker (wonder what's the resale value on those?) and get a model S. He has said that when tesla have a store near him (austin or houston or something else in TX) he may go and see it.

Don't crack up! Try to be as polite as possible. Perhaps just say No, why do you ask? Depending on the response, this will probably give you a non threatening opening to begin your Tesla evangelism.

No, it's the future!

@ tesla.mrspaghet

"A what? Oh, you mean the 'hybrid Pinto'!"

Never heard of a Pinto (Ford) coming from the factory with a 2.0L GM sourced gas engine.

"Why, is it on fire?" is pretty funny, rtesta, but probably counterproductive...


It's a reference to the exploding gas tanks of the Pinto.

All joking aside, it is a fact that at this point, more people are familiar with Fisker, than Tesla. Everytimr I tell anyone I am getting a Tesla to, the very first thing they say is..."oh, that cute little electric Lotus car?"

Otherwise, If I say I am getting a electric car, the first responce is... "so, you're getting a Leaf?"

If I say I am getting a really cool exotic electric car, their responce is... "Wow, you're getting a Fisker?!?!"

Give it some time, we are only getting starting ;-)

yeah, @GoTeslaChicago I think we Tesla owners need to be nice and educational to people who are ignorant of what a great car the model S is, we probably don't want to build a public image of people who drive Tesla's are mean or snooty. I will keep the wisecracks to myself and show him the Tesla grin.


As long as they are not a hater, and I have the time, I plan on being as outgoing about my car as possible. I have owned a few really cool cars in my day, and I have always enjoyed talking 'shop' with fellow enthuastic car buffs. Most of these 'car buffs' are the coolest people you will ever meet in your life, and I will NEVER be that snooty 'I am too good for you' exotic car guy!

I always remember when I was a kid, and when I would ask an adult about something impressive that they had, and they acted like I was invisible, I always said... "I will NEVER be that guy!" I don't care if a five-year-old ask me about it, I will still tell him (or her), anything try want to know, with a smile :-)


Agree. Remember the original negativity on Prius owners. There was even a SouthPark episode!

We are leaders in a movement here. Fiskers, Volts, Leafs are all at the party.

No, it is not a Fisker/Audi/Panamera/etc. It is the best sedan in production. [Check the car of the year awards for yourself.]

the thing is Fisker was seen as the real deal because he worked in the auto industry designing hot looking cars. and when people look at the lines of the Fisker, it looks very exotic. but as we know, the model s is just 3.0 compared to anything else out there.

'No, much better than that! Bigger, faster, quieter, less expensive. It's a Tesla Model S, 2013 Car of the Year.'

Fisker Karma is actually quite large car, a bit longer than Model S and only slightly narrower and hum..less tall (WTF is word for "less height") and it weights more. It's just interior that is tiny. Interior is so small that someone categorized it as subcompact even that it is that large.

If you go with "bigger", use "more spacious".

Wow. Boy do I feel bad for this guy. What a disappointment that car is. Looks beautiful in person but not even in the same league as the Model S!

Actually I think the new trend comment for when someones car is on fire should be "Hey you have a Fisker!" the persons response should immediately be to call 911 and, "Oh CRAP! my cars on fire."

The comment for when ask tho....

"That's like calling a NAScar a Ford Pinto. This my friend is a Tesla."

"No, it's a winner."

Nope that one has the banditio mustache.

+1 GoTeslaChicago

+1 portia

"No, it's not a putt-putt! All electric Tesla."

Interesting, in the video he claimed almost 100 mpg for the Fisker. Evidently he drives slowly (which is normal in a Karma) and not far from home (which is normal in a Karma).

It has about 30(?) miles electric range, and recharges in only 5 hours! That's 6 miles an hour! Such a deal.

It's estimated there will be about 4K Karmas in the wild by Jan. 1 2013, btw. Model S should pass them before the end of January. Karma sales will slowly crash after that, as awareness of the S spreads. IMHO. ;)

and the already sold Karmas will slowly smolder down....

It's kind of sad really. But I don't want to be confused with a hybrid, no matter how expensive or superficialy sexy. IMHO hybrids are a transitional technology, but far too complicated for my liking. My automobile engine already has far too many parts for my liking.