Charger Cable managment


Has anyone got a good review or ideas on charging cable management?
Ideas I'm hoping for are bungy cables that can pop down from the garage ceiling? Or bungy / retacting cables that wont get wet when installed outside on a exterior NEMA 14-50 box. Any good solutions out there? or do i have to cobble something up?

Drop down cables, next to the charging port might be ideal.. anyone?

Tesla, how about charging ports on both sides? Sometimes i get into tangles.. and would like to not have to run cables around the car...
Thanks Dawn

I just bought a hose caddy at Lowe's for under $5 and mounted it above my 14-50 wall connector (which is on the wall (post?) between the two doors of my garagae). With the car parked in the correct stall, I use about 3-4 ft of cable to get to the charge port. I take it out and it conveniently stores on the caddy. Only issue is that I have to walk around the car to exit. But I use that opportunity to admire the car.

I did exactly what you mentioned: I had the NEMA14-50 receptacle installed at the top of the garage, next to the garage door opener. I put a couple of zip ties on the charger cable and attached bungy cords.
Pictures of the inside of ones garage are ugly, but, hey - we're all family here, right?

Oops no pictures? What happened?

Ah there:

Just move the nema 14-50 receptacle to close to the correct side of the car...

if you tell me how to get a picture to display in a reply, i can show you how i did my charger. neat installation.

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2 hangers from homedepot. 1 to hold the charger so that there is no tension on the charger/plug. the 2nd holds the car charger which plugs in. cable management such that when the cord is plugged into the car, the cord is at floor level and not a tripping point. It works very well.

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As much as I don't want to derail the thread, I'd be very interested in knowing the story behind the first picture, and the 'Evil Dog house' :)

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FWIW, here's my setup. I had the electrician pull a 20A 120V circuit for all the electric scooters and motorcycles we have as well.

Here's mine:

I have carried the cable with me in the trunk just in case. Without it how would you recharge? Overly cautious?

Been charging two Leafs in my garage since 2011. The concept of charge cords was a big deal in the beginning and now we just plug them in and unplug without much thought. We just drape the cord over the blink cord reel and never waste time coiling and storing. We plug in and out to often to worry about it.

It gets to be a simple habit very quickly. Some days we may plug in 3 or four times on each car depending on how busy the day is.

Still easier than going to the gas station and standing outside breathing fumes for 10 or 15 minutes.

@pencil2man and @nickjhowe: Where did you buy your hooks from?


J1772 has its own cable - you only need the adapter. The charge cable is only helpful for 110V(too slow to be much use) or 14-50 outlets (rare around town) - so I never take it out of the garage. I probably would bring it along if I was going out of town though.

Home depot. $5 or thereabouts.

Thanks! I like how they keep the cable storage simple and neat.

with the MS' 2X+ greater range, do you anticipate less frequent plugging and coiling?

Does anyone know the exact length of the Universal Mobile Connector? I've seen 18 ft. in various places, but this document (link below) indicates it is 20 ft. Can someone who already has ownership please measure when convenient? Trying to ensure our NEMA 14/50 is in position to allow enough length - 2 extra feet will make it a more comfortable run... Thanks!

I bought a hook and placed it in my garage, works great for me and took 30 seconds to install. I'll try to remember to take a photo of it.

@atlg8or, it is 20 feet, but only about 18 feet of that is "usable" (you lose some usable length from the way the cord and the plug meet, and you lose a little more because the charger end has to be in the right position/rotation, so in all you lose 2 useful feet. Basically if you assume you've got 18 useful feet to work with, it's a safer bet. A number of threads discuss using RV extension cords from Amazon successfully.

Great, thank you @riceuguy! That is very helpful and I think we'll be fine with where we installed our outlet. Now I'm just looking for things to keep me busy while I wait on our Red S... :)

Here is my setup. I didn't want the charging cord to touch the floor of my garage - I've gotten my work clothes dirty too many times unhooking my car in the morning, so I decided I needed a system that would keep the cord off the ground entirely - even when it is charging.

I stretched a cable across my garage and rigged pulleys and chain to suspend my charging cable. It's slightly angled down toward the front of my car, so when I'm not charging, the pulleys wind the charging cord up and out of the way.

Model S Charging Cable setup

Model S Charging Cable setup

Here's my set up, a variation on nickjhowe's arrangement.


Ok, here's another attempt...