I have a P85 and I used to get 242 miles after a standard charge. Now after the 4.5 (1.33.44) update if I slide the scale to the indentation where "Daily" ends and "Trip" starts I only get 212 miles of charge. I understand that charging up to the indentation between where Daily ends and Trip starts is same as the previous "Standard" charge. I do not have any percentage indication unlike some folks who have been posting about the 4.5 update. I just returned from the San Rafael service department and Matt there had no idea about this. I then called Tesla directly and the lady who answered could not help me. So, who are we supposed to turn to for these ongoing problems. It seems like every update is a step forward and two back. I had a problem with 4.4 update too and my car was sitting in the San Rafael service department for a week while I was driving an Enterprise rental. So far I have had to take my car into Fremont and San Rafael service departments 6 different times for various issues since we took delivery last November. They were able to fix most of the problems but many updates to the car remain unresolved and now with every over the air update new issues crop up. I know posting on these threads about any problems brings the wrath of TSLA stockholders and EV fanatics who are going to point to ICE cars with problems. On the other hand I for one have never had so many problems with any make of car let alone one costing over a hundred grand. Elon wants the owners of present Model S to be goodwill ambassadors for Tesla and sell these Teslas to our friends and neighbors but on the other hand he has admitted that "service is not up to par". They need to do something soon or once the word starts spreading about the unreliability and poor service at Tesla, it will cause irreparable damage to the brand in the long run. I know many are going to jump up and say that they have not had any issues or problems but there are many of us who have. Tesla needs to be more responsive to those of us who have problems with their cars.

What the TSLA stockholders and EV fanatics will want is for you to post this as a private thread to confirm your bonafides.

Hi nvjx:

When in doubt, ask your Tesla nuts, not workers :)

I don't know how they define "standard" previously and now: that's why you see there's a difference.

You just need to slide it more for your desired previous 242 miles and keep it there as "standard."

If you believe the update somehow damaged your battery, just Max Charge and you'll see it's pretty much as before.

Here we go again!

Tam, If I slide it into Trip then it is the same as charging in Range previously. And by the way thanks for the suggestion Tesla nut.

The battery percentages are indicated by little vertical bars, as on a ruler. Each mark is 10%. The "Daily" range is from 50 to 90%. 80% of 265 = 212 so perhaps you had it set to 80% instead of 90%?

Try moving it to the minimum value just within the "Trip" area, and report your results after charge complete. You're not going to hurt anything by charging your battery to 91% one time.

FYI, as covered by other threads (and the release notes), they've recalculated range after a "standard charge" now (though they didn't explain how). What does your trip meter show as your long term average Wh/mile? You'd have to average 308 WH/mile to get EPA rated range (pretty hard for most of us to do).

Please list all the problems that you had that took 6 different trips to get resolved.

Yes, I'm sure the latest update FRIED your battery. This is a HUGE<\b> problem and will bankrupt Tesla!! SELL, SELL!!!

Or wait, maybe it's a completely meaningless change in how miles are calculated and displayed. Hm, weird.

Actually I think my basic HTML skills are a bigger problem...

Bob W, thanks for your suggestion. From beginning to the end of "Daily" there are 5 indentations. I set the slider to the last (5th) one in the "Daily" range and got 212 Rated miles. There are only 2 indents in "Trip". One in the beginning and one at the end. You can stop the slider anywhere in between. I plan on sliding the slider all the way to the end of "Trip" tonight and see what "Rated" miles I get on a full charge. One of my Trip Odometer hasn't been touched since I got the car and with just under 7000 miles it shows an average of 323 Watts. By the way until I updated to 4.5 I was consistently getting 240-242 Rated miles after a standard charge. As for what problems I have had with the car, I have six repair orders listing them all. Some of the problems were doors opening on their own even after being locked (the car had to go in several times until they finally replaced all the handles with new ones), front end alignment, problems with tilt wheel, right door not shutting unless slammed several times, rear hatch and passenger door alignment etc. etc.

As for mrspaghetti besides HTML you also need to work on your sense of humor.


To paraphrase from another poster in another thread a while back:

List of Important Problems:
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All right mrspaghetti you are very funny indeed!

@nvjx: the percentages don't show on v4.5 (1.33.44), but they did show on an earlier version of 4.5 (1.33.38 and possibly 1.33.43). I think if you slide to the first indent of Trip, then you'll likely get 90% charge which will only be slightly less than your standard charge before (I think standard was 92% or something like that).

Thanks Longhorn92, first I am going to do a max charge tonight and see how close to a Rated charge of 265 can I get. By the way did you go to U of Texas? My nephew did his MBA there and he is a die hard Longhorns fan. He is on the wait list for a Model X for his wife. I am trying to talk him out of his CLS but its a tough sell.

I have charged to the iPhone app "Standard" setting with 4.5 and get 234. It can vary a bit, but with 9000 miles on the P85 Model S, the new update is working fine. (Now what about that fan noise?)

4.5 is very bad right now. I (apparently along with many others) had the updated 4.5 sent over the weekend. My install went sideways, and my car is currently in the shop being jacked into by a crack team in Freemont, CA trying to figure out what went wrong! The service center was not able to restore and reset the update, leaving it up to the folks at HQ to figure out what is wrong. I am not alone in this issue. So right now I am driving an Enterprise Toyota Corolla! UGG!

I think Hell must have a new definition for Model S owners:

Fleets of fully fueled Enterprise Toyota Corollas. 0-60 in....Ack!

"My Sideways Update"

On the recommendation of a person at Tesla service 800 # I did a max "Trip" charge on the car last night. I have a Nema 14-50 outlet and a single charger. I set it to start charging at 4 AM this morning and around 9AM it had maxed out to 260 miles. The only other time I did a max "Range" charge was a few months ago at Fremont service dept (they accidentally charged it to max range instead of standard) and at that time it showed a range of 267 miles. This morning the person at Tesla told me the engineer says it is the 4.5 update and did not know if and when this problem would be corrected. So, in my car the previous Standard charge gave me 240-242 miles and now post 4.5 update the max Daily charge gives me 212 but the max Trip charge goes up to 260.

As for driving Enterprise rentals I have gone through that 5 times (My car has been to service 6 times since taking delivery in Nov 2012). The first time I sat in the service dept waiting room all day!


Sorry that you were caught off guard but your concern has been well addressed since 05/12/2013, that's thirty days ago, not by Tesla bees but by Non-Tesla employees like you and me at:

"Charge Limit - Standard and Max Range have been replaced by a slider that let's you choose what % you want to charge the car to. For daily driving, choose between 50% and 90% to improve battery longevity. Anything above 90% is the equivalent of Max Range. 90% might give you a different range than 'Standard' used to."

Tam, thanks for your help but I was just told by a Tesla service rep at their 800# that the 4.5 firmware is defective and they are working on resolving the issues which will be addressed in the next firmware.

I've been wondering why they put that slider in at all. It doesn't seem to be useful at all.

I still don't think you're having an actual problem whether its defective software or not. It sounds like the battery is the same as before (260 vs 267 could be a slightly varied readings on the overall state of charge, battery temp, etc.) Whereas the difference between 242 and 212 is almost certainly about where you are placing the slider, not any actual difference in the battery or range.

Could be wrong but that's what it sound like to me.

The battery is happiest when it holds a charge in mid range and it extends battery life.

For routine around town driving we charge to about 60% and use a lower charge rate at night. We increase the settings for weekends.

I have an 85kWh so there is flexibility, I suppose.

David, I am also curious about the charge slider.

If the slider was put in to help extend battery life, this is going to make managing the charging much more complicated - trying to estimate the next day's range, and adjusting the charge accordingly. The recommended charging practice in the owners manual is very simple and straightforward - use max range occasionally, otherwise use standard and keep the car plugged in when possible. But if we're now recommended to optimize the daily charging, that's much more complicated and risks creating the impression that regularly using the "standard" range degrades the battery faster.

On the other hand, the slider could be useful if it is to limit the charging being done at for-pay charging stations. If you only need a partial charge - you can tell the car to stop early - and limit how much it costs to "refuel" the battery.

However, the new feature that uses shore power for the accessories may defeat that - because even after the charging is finished, the car might still be pulling a small load from the charger - so it may not really ever stop 'charging'.

Would be very useful for Tesla to explain why we should be using the slider - and the recommended practice for managing the battery...

+1 bp

I am a Tesla nut, not an expert, but this is my speculation:

Elon stated that it is best to leave your battery pack around 50%.

Previously, “standard” charge was set at slightly more than 90%

The slider seems to reflect what Elon stated, so it no longer defaults to 90% any more but lower.

That does not mean you have to set it lower than 90% all the time.
Since Tesla battery pack is well conditioned, even because of your needs and you have to charge above 50%, the premature degradation should be tiny.

The slider is there to adjust to your needs, and you are not to be worried about the percentage any more.

That means, don’t sweat on small stuff anymore unless you purposefully destroy the battery with a blow torch! Enjoy your freedom, embrace your slider!

Mine dropped from 190 std to 184 std after 4.5 update. So, I range charged for a road trip last weekend, lo and behold , max was 210, unchanged from before. (I have a 60)

Nvjx, I'd stop worrying and wait for 4.5 rerelease. (When is that coming out....)

Our car was delivered with version 4.5. At a Charge Limit of 90%, it charges to 242-243 rated miles.

I think the Charge Limit slider is very useful, if you believe that 50% state-of-charge is optimal for the battery life.

Based on our maximum expected usage pattern, we set our Charge Limit to 80% during the workweek, and 90% for the weekend, and 100% for the occasional long trip.

I agree that these steps are not totally necessary, but why not take the small steps that extend battery life. We may even reduce the workweek Charge Limit to 70%.

Not sure we are talking about the same thing and not sure it really matters as long as you know your car but my car shows ideal rather than rated miles. Have never max charged but used to get 270-274 miles on a standard charge before the update. Without adjusting the slider I now get around 258 ideal miles after the update. My iphone ap always reads less. e.g at 258 miles on my car it reads 232 on the phone. i wonder if these are the rated miles rather than ideal miles. was never sure why the discrepancy.