More affordable version in the plans?

About two years a Tesla CSR told me that they expected to bring out a car in a couple of years priced around $35K to $38K. That really excited me because I would love to have a Tesla but I really can't afford more than $40K on a car. However, looking at the current offerings on the website I don't see anything like that. Am I overlooking something or was that information incorrect?

Google Tesla Gen III or Bluestar. Nothing but speculation at this point, but this will be Tesla's mass market EV.

Yes, we expect Gen 3 car after Model X, however be prepared that $30k will be the base price like Model S is based on $50k.

@rlynnc - basically the plan is to have the next car built after the Model X comparable (in price and performance) to a BMW 3-series. The plans are for late 2015/early 2016, but my guess is it will be a bit later than that.

@Jolinar - yes, though it is possible the 300mi version won't cost as much more because the car will be lighter and battery technology will have advanced by then.

2 hamster wheels in the frunk!

I think I may have seen the Gen III Tesla. I was at the supercharger today in hawthorne and looked inside the entrance to the Tesla Design Center. I was floored to see a narrower version of the Model S with the same grill but with only two doors. I should have taken a picture but it was late and I didn't think I would get a good picture. If anyone charges at the Hawthorne SC in the day, be sure to get a couple of pictures of the next big thing at Tesla.

Why not one hamster in the front and one in the back? AWD!

@jat, I'm not sure about lighter because they use cheaper materials than with Model S (steel instead of aluminum). Smaller definitely so probably also more aerodynamic.

@tranhv68, that would be consistent with Elons comment about "basically a smaller Model S" for GenIII affordable car.