Factory Tour prior to car delivery

So I am going to be in San Fran this week for a conference and I thought this was a great opportunity to go and visit the Tesla factory. I am not going to be able to do a factory pick up in April when my car is scheduled to be ready so I contacted Tesla via email and asked if I could stop by and take a tour. They forwarded my email to the correct person. The original person I email was under the impression that tours were only for people doing the pick ups. But the person that responded to me was very accommodating and got me scheduled for this Friday. It did help that I was spending $110K in a few months with them. I don't think they would have said yes if I did not have a reservation in place. But I was very pleased by their customer service so far. All my emails have been answered within 1 business day. I can get a sense that they are really committed to getting their deliveries out on time and are really focused on that. But it was nice to see that they are going to go out of there way to let me come and visit. I have watched the megafactories on youtube so many times I feel like I have been there already. Can't wait to check out that bamboo floor! Thanks Tesla.

PS. I am going to be there on Friday at 3pm. Say hi if you are reading this and are the lucky few that are picking up at that time!