Dutch EV: Superbus. Driver + 23 passenger seats. Top speed 250 km/hr, range 200 km, battery can be replaced easily. Have a look!

It looks very interesting and futuristic.

You need battery swapping stations every 100 miles. So at 145 mph you have to stop every 40 minutes to swap batteries. Kind of makes the effective rate of travel a little slower than advertised.

It might work on a dedicated route but the distances either need to be relatively short or you need several battery swapping stations.

O they also failed to mention PRICE and availability.

They probably can get financial backing from Better Place, with their success they surely would like to expand to more charging stations.

How about EVs on rails? Oh wait...

Tiebreaker FTW. Good one. :-)

Anyway, it's better than an ICE Bus.

Carbon fiber body. Not cheap. Only Oil sheikdoms can afford it.

Well, consider it good that somebody can afford, because it's an EV that is going to hit road (instead of an ICE vehicle).

It's being build for public transport, at airports etc.