Where do you keep your J1772 adapter?

I use my J1772 adapter every day at work. I haven't found a good place to keep in my car though. It rolls around in the center tray. I tried keeping it in the cupholder, but it rolled around in there too (and I like having two drinks!) Anyone found a good solution?

BTW - Whoever suggested putting your ChargePoint card in the front flap of the driver's seat is a genius.

There is a section in the glove box on the right hand side that goes a bit deeper where the adapter fits nicely and doesn't roll around.

I keep mine in the rear left side of the glove compartment in the little cubby meant for it, as described some time ago in the forums somewhere.

Yes, left hand side of glovebox like Hillar said. This was one of the original "Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!" posts on TMC>

Left wheel well with the UMC.

Right or left side of the glove box. Pick one. You can do it! ;)

Glove box-left side.

Used to keep in the left cubby in glovebox.
Now, just use the driver seat pocket.

Fits nicely in shirt pocket.

The cup holder is best for easy access. I keep the J1772 end down as the base is wider and more stable.

Owning a HPWC, the adapter is usually stored in a box (under the hatch cover) with an assortment of 4 other Tesla adapters. But be ready to correct those who guess incorrectly their true function when demonstrating the included charge cord.

Glove box left side

I charge at work and keep my chargepoint in my wallet and my adapter in my cupholder or center console. (kinda hard to keep on opening and closing the glove box for me)

glove box left side, in a old leather glove (which I'll have my wife remove the fingers and reconstruct into a more pleasing shape. It pads the adapter, and takes up a bit more room, helping prevent the J1772 rattle when you corner.

really? you have enough of a drive that you have to charge at work? My adapters have come out of the trunk well (in the bag they came in) for like twice in 10 months! OK, maybe 5 times, but twice sounds better! :)

I keep it in the left rear wheel well in the UMC bag. The UMC itself stays home. I put my laptop and gym bag in the trunk every day so I'm going in there when I get to work anyways.

If I keep it in the glove box, I have to scoot over and stretch to try to get it out from the driver's seat and that's a hassle. I'm 5'10" with a 6' wingspan, so it's not like I'm super-short or anything either, but I do prefer a more laid-back driving seat position.

In my Center Console Insert from - here is the storage for J1772 on a youtube video:


portia - my commute is 10 miles each way. I charge at work exclusively because (a) it is free to charge at work, and (b) I haven't yet installed a 240V outlet at home. I'll eventually get around to installing a legit outlet in my garage, but it hasn't been a priority given the free charging at work. :) I've only had the car for 5 days.

robert22 - the shirt pocket sounds like a good idea for the nerdy dudes who have shirt pockets! Let me know if/when those come back in style for women.