What IS this?

Something is happening.... I have become ridiculous! I am 55 years old and acting like a teenager in love! Completely distracted, obsessed! I have a nice, sweet Acura that very comfortable, gets me everywhere I need to go, occasionally high maintenance, but loyal and reliable. A couple of weeks ago, I started somewhat idly looking at new cars. Then I saw the Tesla Model S, and was immediately "smitten!" I like nice cars, but I have never been a "car guy," never been passionate like this about a car! Since that time it gets worse every day! I find myself daydreaming, like the kid who is in love with that girl that he knows is "too good for him," just beyond his reach. I can't spend this much on a car! (My lust is for nothing less that the S performance 85, loaded) But I can't help myself! I have read every article and review, seen every video. Yesterday, on my way home from work, all I could think of was Model S! I get home and I can't wait to get online and see pictures and videos of her! She is so gorgeous! And I just can't help but imagine what she would be like in my hands, if she were mine, what she is capable of! What seduction! I can't even look at any other car anymore! She is all I want! I can't get her out of my mind! Help!

I think you will get more "+1" then help on this forum. I am the furthest thing from a car guy. I drive a 2006 Kia Rio, worth about $4000, doesn't even have power steering, windows or locks. All of my life I have thought a car is used to get from point A to point B and nothing else, so why should I spend any more money then I have to.

Then...I saw a model S. Within minutes my deposit was down. Within weeks(hard fought battle with the wife), I was finalized. That was a month ago. Still don't have a delivery date, they just keep saying sometime in April. That doesn't stop me from checking the My Tesla website hourly, the forums by the minute, the phone app daily and calling weekly. I am literally losing sleep over this and cannot wait to get it.

We were all that way once. Let's just say after my 2 year wait and spending more on the S than any car in my life, I can never go back. Have had the MS since January and still love her. I get stopped by people every day saying this car is beautiful, gorgeous, cool, etc.

Good to hear. This thing costs non trivial amount of cash.
Just like a real mistress would. ( not speaking from any first hand experience )

You are not alone. Once you get the car, you'll trade your current habits for peeking outside/in your garage at the car, surfing the forums for tips/tricks, thinking of excuses for driving places.

Been there! Done that! Glad you pulled the trigger. Have mine now and feel like a kid in a candy store. You will love it!!!

I enjoy weekend drives again!!

I agree - I'm not a car guy either, yet look forward to every car trip now. It's fun to drive, cool, interesting, different, exciting and many other things, including, this is the future of automobiles...

Own the car you must, Padawan
Do or do not, there is no help... (here anyway)

I know...... I have the fewer myself and ...... it takes for ever to get the car. October they say!

We've all heard of disruptive technology. This is psychologically disruptive technology, something new. The unknown unattainable you didn't know you wanted suddenly appears, known and attainable. The drive to drive becomes irresistible, unquenchable. Other priorities are revealed as shallow, irrelevant.

The Tesla Epiphany is indeed a selfish mistress.

My P85 is worth every single penny!

Like a friend of P. Dave's said: "I plan to be dead for a very long time!" As far as I know, we only get one spin on the wheel, so we'd better make it good!
I just got off the phone and have a delivery date for Wednesday 3/27 between 1-2PM. It could have been this upcoming Friday, but that would have been at 7:30 PM, and after the long wait, I want to be able to see my baby in the daylight! I can then spend the rest of the day, when I'm not driving, looking all googly-eyed out the window!

Yeah, imherkimer , I'm not sure what it is either. AND, GUYS AND GIRLS, BE AWARE: IT DOESN"T GO AWAY! I've had my car for about a month. You'd think once you have it, things would calm down. But no. It's still consuming way too much of my time (I'm here, reading the forum and posting to it - after all this time of saying what colossal waste of time Facebook is..) Like a little kid I run out to the car for every little thing I want to check after reading about it somewhere. My only gripe is that I don't find more reasons to drive it. My wife is a little worried...

GeirT: You're in Norway, right? October? Ouch! Perhaps you should plan a vacation in the US this summer. I'm sure any number of Tesla owners would be happy to let you spend a couple of hours with them and their car. Tesla-tourism! Theres an idea! Only, be aware: Once you've spent time with the Model S, the wait gets worse. I was fine between the time when I put down the deposit last August and when I finally got my test drive in October. After that, I was a wreck! :^)

Brian H, Majestically eloquent, and "spot on"!

imherkimer, "I can't spend this much on a car!", why not get the 60KW and save youself 20K-30K. I have one and trust me, the 60KW is plenty fast, lighter with great torque. Why spend more than 100K for the performance. Drag race? I don't think so if you are not a car guy. You may be able to order one with air suspension and get it within 30-60 days. Now you can dream about the delivery date and welcome your sweetheart. I have a nice Acura myself but this is the ONE you are not going to love forever.

Welcome good sir to the club. The club of petrol heads.
What you are feeling is what many of us have been dealing with for the better part of our lives. Embrace it. It is a great hobby. Can be expensive if you decide to live out your fantasies but not all dreams must be achieved at once.

The excitement does not go away and everyone seems to love the car, even bystanders. I had to make a stop on the way home from work and ended up drawing a crowd and spent 30 extra minutes showing off the car.

I bought a 60kw because it was enough for me in mileage and I just couldn't see spending more for a car than my first house cost. I am a, "car is a machine to get from point A to B", person. I don't think I washed my 12 year old Saturn once except pulling it out of the garage and parking it in the rain. Now I am on the look out for some good leather handy wipes to keep all the dirt cleaned up as soon as it appears.

Here is the thing: S has no peers!
I have never spent more than 20k on a car. I have always considered it irresponsible to spend more, and I have always had a good ride! There are better ways to spend money, I have always felt. But S is something else! She is not just another pretty car! She challenges my world! Yeah, she has a gorgeous body. She has grace and presence and a tremendous amount of muscle under that sleek exterior. But there is something else. Seems like she is in a class of her own, like a warrior princess from a new world. Inside that amazing body and drive train, is the fearless heart of a revolutionary! She may be the mother of a whole new lineage! Her DNA will spawn fabulous cars of the future. Almost seems irresponsible NOT to go for the S.
I live in a place that is 130 miles from the nearest listed charge point for EV's. Where I live, nearly everybody is a fan of oil and gas, and coal. Here they call the Chevy Volt an "Obama-mobile" (a phrase which is, in itself, of course, utterly ridiculous). I would have to get at least a 60 S to get to the next city, so why not go for the 85! Yet another voice in my head says "impractical," for so many reasons .... but the passion does not subside, it only grows! So here is the compromise I am considering: I will invest the $$, buy stock in Tesla Motors, until such time as the S becomes "practical."


You are absolutely correct saying Model S is NOT just another pretty car. To me, my 85 loaded MS represents the future of transportation of mankind (on earth or perhaps on Mars someday). Perhaps, in this country, we talk about Model S just as a luxury car of a different kind, a Silicon Valley high tech invention. However, if you get a chance to travel to a city like Beijing and to see the pollution and smog caused by the millions of ICE automobiles on road, you would know what Model S means to the future.

imherkimer - Welcome. Now buy the car young man. Sacrifices can be made in life to find $1,000/month (you can get ridiculous car loans for <2% that will leave you a payment like that.) Buy the car and commit to working another year or two to pay for it. You'll enjoy the next 12 years working far, FAR, more with the car than if you pine away for it for 10 years, retire, and then obsess about it at home 18 hours a day.

Have you driven one yet? That's when lust becomes love and the true meaning of life is revealed to you...

Imherkimer - great post!! Exactly how I feel and no better description. I have had my S for a little less than a month and the feeling only grows. Make the purchase and keep that feeling going for a long time.

This car is so much better than anything else on the road that you can't even compare the MS to other cars. Unlike some on the forum, I AM a car guy. Since delivery in January I have pretty much lost interest in driving other cars. We have a Nissan Leaf, which now feels like driving a rickshaw, and my wife's BMW X5d is like going back to the stone age. Weekend car is a 997.2 C4S Cab. The first time I drove it after 2 weeks in the P85 I though I might as well sell it as the performance was anemic at best.

Last week I spent more time in the 997 and realized I ought to keep it, the sound of a flat six is still intoxicating. I actually took it to Sharkwerks and had a high performance exhaust installed as I need it to be even more raw-as there is no way for it to actually be a fun to drive as the Tesla.

To me there will always be a place for ICE vehicles, but what Tesla has created with the MS is astounding. This car has rewritten all the rules. Buy one. Drive it. Get ready to spend even more time on the forums after owning than before.

@imherkime, you made my weekend!

@napacab, I don't even know what a 997 is, I assume it is some dragon eating mean machine? Costs more than loaded Model S?

except that Chinese pollution is almost independent of car exhaust. You could replace every car in China with a MS tomorrow, and there would almost be no difference. Trucks, industry, and power plants do the dirty.

+1 to this whole thread.

@Hills - 997 C4S is a Porsche 911? Here are some pics...

Damnit! I really need to stop reading these threads! Hahaha! Love that dopamine though!

No need for that ? above. Must remember to proofread here since there's no EDIT function!

Sorry I missed this thread, I was out driving! :)

Sure, rub it in Randal. ;-)

@imherkimer - Buy the car. You will not regret it. Just be smart if money is an object which it sounds like it may be. You don't NEED to load up on options like so many of the fans on the forums do. You probably have a skewed sample here.

Get the biggest battery that meets your needs then only option out what you honestly can't live without. Options creep can increase your price fast and could make the difference in justifiable affordability.

Everyone will have a different take on what their "required" options are. For example, if I were pinching pennies I'd get a pano roof for back seat headroom and nothing else at all. Remember, the car is totally amazing without any options.

But buy the car.

+1 well said everyone!