Thank You, Tesla!

I propose we use this thread to extend our gratitude to Tesla. I envision that people would post a simple "thank you", or single out 1 or 2 employees who went above and beyond to provide excellent service. There's enough discussion elsewhere. Let's have a round of applause!

I'll start!

Thank you, Tesla! I absolutely love the car! My Product Specialist, Lauren, was particularly phenomenal.

Great idea, since these forums often focus on problems and complaints... Thanks to Mac Wrixon my extremely helpful Tesla delivery specialist as well as Vince and Javier from the LA service center!

Thanks to Julia Papenek, and Gilbert and Omar at the Queeens Service center

Good thread! Been wanting to do this but didn't know how. Hope some high ups see this and give these special people who go above and beyond a pat on the back.
Having said that, I'd like to thank Stephen Smith of sales and marketing. He has been with me since October 2010 answering all my questions and supporting me thru this whole process! He has spoiled me with his unrelenting service beyond what I'm sure he was supposed to do.
He truly has the Tesla spirit.

Yay for Julia Papanek from p#5656, prompt, courteous replies to my queries (can't wait to get my car Monday!)

Thank you to the folks at the Manhattan showroom, all the workers at the factory, my DS and the folks at the queens service center, Franz for designing a car worthy of the engineering, and last but not least Elon for pulling the vail on the 21st Century.

@dashrb - great idea. Thanks to Brandon my DS, Joel, Alberto, Graham and the guys at the Dania service center, and all the folks in the factory and design center that made it happen. And of course to Elon, FvH, JB et al. You made the future happen now.

A great big thank you to Julia Papanek and Jamee my delivery specialist for their courtesy and professionalism. Thank you to Tesla for reminding me of what true customer service should look like.

Thank you Elon for having the gumpta to take on the oil industry and win.

+1 to Elon

If you're going to prop someone, make sure you give their last name as well

Thank you for driving the car industry forward, without your innovation we would have been stuck with hybrids for another 20 years !


Vail is a ski resort.

+1 for Elon

thank you to the european marketing team in UK
for taking care so much .... to make you smile

+1dashrb, good idea.

Thank you to the folks at NY West Chester store. Sorry, I don't remember your names as it has been a while since my test drive.

Thank you BrianH for improving my command of the English language.

Thank you TIM and Alex (Service center in Laval,Canada) The passenger door wind noise is history. Really great great service.


Sean LaFond! Best Configuration Specialist/Customer Support/Technical Adviser/Anticipation Therapist on staff (IMO). Thank you for all your help and guidance over these past few years. You embody what I love about every Tesla employee I've dealt with..a passion and excitement for the brand that makes us feel like more than just a customer.

My personal thanks go out to my delivery specialist Andrew Peters. He was super helpful and patient. He has one of the coolest jobs ever and I told him so.

I'd also like to single out Randy Filippi and Justin Garretson @MenloPark; also patient with all my questions. The full proof will be when I take her in for a few minor service issues on the 18th, but I have high confidence.

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Thank you to Product Specialist Lauren Cano and DS John Scalopino?
of course thank you to Tesla for upgrading me from the Ultimate Driving Machine to the Ultimate Driving Experience.

Thanks everyone, for chiming in so far! Clearly the company has a lot of upside.

Wow. This is the first "positive" thread for customers of TM. I know everyone loves their car, but threads tend to select out for problems.
It's great to see "happy" people.

Thank you Elon for having THE idea... and thank you to all Tesla employee to make it happen.

Thank you Elon Musk for almost going bankrupt in creating SpaceEx and Tesla - two world class companies that are changing the way we look at transportation!

I would like to thank everyone at Tesla for doing a great job with initial reservations to final delivery. I would personally like to thank the following Tesla members for going above and beyond my expectations in the order of my interaction from beginning to so far:

  1. Product Specialists:

    Sylvia Schmidt and Ryan Kennedy at this point I was about to put down my $5,000 deposit and I had plenty of questions and she was very knowledgeable and helpful to clear up any uncertainties and helped me with my reservation.

  2. Ownership Experience Advocate:

    Walter Frank and Ben Kanner provided plenty of useful information before the Amped Tour to get me lined up for what to expect.

  3. Amped Tour:

    Beau Whiteman was very professional, helpful, and courteous during our first test drive and helped make the first experience with the Tesla Model S truly amazing,

  4. Washington, DC Store:

    Kadira Mitchell who is the assistant manager helped scheduled a last minute test drive after hours for my wife when we were going to be in DC for a weekend to visit family and again, Beau Whiteman helped us during her test drive and was just as helpful as he was during my test drive.

  5. Configuration Team:

    Luke Sohl worked very diligently to help get my configuration finalized and stayed on top during the entire process from after I finalized my configuration until he informed me of my VIN and told me that the car is enroute to Rockville, MD.

  6. Inside Delivery Team:

    Lauren Cano was assigned as my product specialist to finalize all the last paper work before my delivery and again - like the above Tesla team members - she was on top of it and get everything wrapped up within couple of days.

  7. Rockville, MD Service Center:

    Jamie Hawn helped finalize my actual delivery date and time and again - exceeding my expectations since my delivery window was Feb 21 - Mar 7 - now it is scheduled for Feb 15 at 12:00 PM!.

TL;DR All I can say is - Tesla - overall - by far the best experience I can expect from an innovative company! Big ups to the entire Tesla Team!

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Sean Berwald is my hero!! We've been talking since I got my reservation about a year and a half ago. The guy is excellent to talk to, extremely helpful, and just an all around great guy! He's been helpful throughout the entire process, and now that I've taken delivery I look forward to the next chapter in our relationship.

Excellent thread!!

@Brad - +1 for Sean B. Ditto.

Here's a shout out to Kunal Sheth for being so helpful and responsive to all my questions.


@Brad - Couldn't have said it better myself. Sean Berwald is the best! I have also known him for a year and a half, and was lucky enough to meet him in person at the X unveiling. He has been a huge help and provided amazing support. A big thanks to Sean and all his efforts.

I second third fourth dashrb's praise for Lauren Cano. She is excellent and am glad that she was ours as well. Everything right from the first email was professional, courteous, helpful, and on-time.

Andrew Clark and Brian Weiner were absolutely amazing. When we called Andrew saying that we were running late as we just missed a connecting bus, he said that it was not a problem. The service center is a half mile away from the bus stop. So, he offered to pick us up from the stop. When it started to rain (just a little), he drove to the stop and waited for us there.

Thank you guys! You are redefining the term car-salesman-like to become a positive connotation.

~ Prash.