Reservation to delivery time

Made a reservation for a Performance S, 85kwh, with all except the rear seats & body armor, Blk/Bld with 21" grays. What has been the time from reservation to delivery?

If you just reserved you are probably looking at c. 9 months

If you are Australian, probably a year plus /:-(

I'm in NY, and hoping for a 2013 late summer/early fall delivery. Wishful thinking? Got my fingers crossed! :)
Reserved 12/07/12.

I was told by Tesla that they intend to deliver every car reserved by 12/31 and finalized within 4 weeks by the end of summer. I'm not saying it's true, but it's what I was told...

What's your res #?

My reservation sequence number is 15,867.

I just reserved yesterday, # 16,155 - wasn't expecting delivery in 2013, but that would be great if so.

If Tesla is telling me that all current reservation holders will be asked to finalize by the end of January, and it appears that at least 3000 will be delivered by end of year, there are maybe 8-10,000 cars ahead of you that won't have canceled or deferred. Even if you assume that Europe and Canada get 25% of all future production, I think you're still looking at 5-7 months.

Also, I was told no matter what I did (in terms of cancel/re-reserve), I'd have my car by end of summer.

@riceuguy...thx so much!!!!
I started to have doubts about reserving my Tesla. I read a few horror stories about wait times being counted as years (instead of months). I'm an 'immediate gratification' kind of person. But, 5-7 months is ok :) I'll just sit and wait with my face pressed against the glass, waiting.

The ones that had multi-year waits made their deposit when the car was virtually a clay model and concept, or they deposited later when the Model S was an early prototype.

They are the fearless ones with incredible faith, patience and vision. We could not be here without them.

If you check the Tesla Motor Club forums, people with res #'s approaching 12,000 are being asked to finalize. Depending on what model you want (it seems 85 kwh, air suspension is getting priority now), the wait may not be all that long. Maybe 6 months? Let's hope so!

I reserved at the beginning of October and Tesla just gave me a delivery estimate of Feb/Mar for my finalized car. Even the end of March would be less than 6 months, but we'll see what really happens.

That is possible. Reservations have been growing faster than deliveries, so people reserving now will probably have a longer wait than you.

I reserved mine in late September (#12,550) ans received my invitation to configure yesterday, 12/20/12. Looks they are ramping up!

2 years...P3534

I reserved in April '12 (9318) and was told at that time to expect a car in April/May 2013, but I am now told I will have it before then end of January. I think wait times will stay under 6 months and they will build closer to 30k cars in 2013.

nickjhowe | December 21, 2012
That is possible. Reservations have been growing faster than deliveries, so people reserving now will probably have a longer wait than you.

No, that doesn't follow. The production rate divided into the reservation # spread is the relevant number. If, say, 2K cars are being produced a month, the current average range subtracted from the latest #, divided by 2,000 should give the months delay. I doubt that is more than 4 or 5 right now.

I.e., most of his wait since Apr. '12 was during a period of very low or no production, so all that is eliminated for new purchasers.

@Brian H - by definition, as soon as reservations rates are higher than delivery rates then times will extend - excluding very long times that us early reservers had. If I reserve today and it is a 6 month wait, and reservation rates are higher than deliveries then in two months time wait times will increase. (excluding cancelations)


Your point assumes a static production rate. Future production rates need to stay below net reservation rates for wait times to continue to increase.

Errr, yeah.


I reserved in Sept@5 and got an email to configure on Tues the 18th. The note said that I would receive a confirmation email to sign in one business day. Today is Sunday and no email yet. I had been communicating with with someone at Tesla and they said they have a slew of paperwork to respond to with regard to that email and it should be here by the end of the day Friday, two days ago. Likely now delayed due to the holidays. I was #11878 and 85performance, gray with gray wheels, pano, everything but the sound and rear seats. Have you received the email with the finalized paperwork to sign and return?


I am #12136 and I did get the email with the paperwork one day after I finalized my configuration. Are you sure you used your regular email account? There are others on this board who did not have their correct email address when they finalized and they had to chase their paperwork as well.

Yes I did talk to some one who is a specialist there and he said they were busy but my request was still in my box so I guess they did get it. I just shot him another email just to be sure. I would want to fall behind. On the other hand, it will be nice to keep it out of the first winter!

Also, my dashboard on the homepage does show that they are preparing or finalizing my paperwork. That should be a good sign, right?

I made my reservation in Toronto last week. I have two numbers on my dashboard:

It says Model S, #575. And next that it says Reservation Number RN321416.

How do I interpret these numbers?


it means you are number 575 in canada. Reservation number doesn't really mean anything to anyone except tesla

#575 in Canada doesn't seem too bad. I wonder how long it will take. Any other Canadians here?

Ok, I made my reservation in early August and I expected a May delivery . res #11484. They just contacted me to configure my car and sign my paperwork. They say late Feb. delivery. 85 bat, pano,white with black, 19" loaded. time passes slow and as production has increased, your time will decrease. You guys are the lucky ones. some folks have waited years.