Pricing on Model X?

For the Model S, those that have a reservation prior to year-end will not be subject to the price increase that takes effect on Jan 1. Is there any similar advantage to making a Model X reservation before year-end? Or is the only advantage, at this point, that you get a spot earlier in line?

Considering that they have not announced any prices, I don't think there will be any benefit from reserving a Model X before the end of year.

Why is there no pricing on the Model X?

Guidance has been given that it will cost about the same as an equally sized and equipped Model S. So use that.

I am not rich by any means but believe in the technology. Would seem silly to put a $5000 deposit on a vehicle that we do not even have pricing for. Sorry but I think this is bad business.

Think of it as reserving a place in line, which can be used as a deposit if you subsequently commit to buy. If.

It worked for the Model S tommy lad. Why would Tesla move away from something that works?

Pricing is hinted at here:

"Though he would not disclose pricing, Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer said Model X will be priced competitively with premium SUVs and about five to 10 per cent more than the Tesla S four-door sedan which starts at $57,400 US. Production is expected to begin next year at Tesla’s plant in Fremont, Calif."

So the base price for a Tesla Model X with a 60 kWh battery and not any of the available options will be under USD 60,000?

No, More likely $75,000 before tax credits.

Current base Model S is $59,400, add $10,000 for 60 kWh battery, add at least $5,000 premium for Model X, because it is bigger etc.

For people from Europe that price will be even higher?

I think the $5K "premium" might be more like 10%, or $7K. But that's a quibble. Within 10% of a similarly equipped Model S is the guideline.

So the base price for a Tesla Model X with a 60 kWh battery, and a single motor, and further not any of the available options will be just under USD 80,000?

Just to add. The cost of the battery will likely be lower by the time the Model X is delivered, so the difference might not be quite 10%. Also, Tesla may take into account what the market will bear, and adjust their margin accordingly. I do not think it unrealistic to expect a dual motor model for USD 80,000. There still is more than a year to go after all, so the cost of other technology and components may drop by then as well.

Prices that drop are great.

I hear that the Model X will cost $100,000.00 Canadian. How can anyone justify this kind of expenditure just to avoid a gasoline engine?

For example:

Lets look at a popular cross-over vehicle like the Dodge Journey RT with 283 HP V6 getting a conservative 20 miles per gallon (combined hwy/city).

The Dodge Journey R/T is a popular North American built cross over vehicle that costs under $33,000.00 Canadian, while the Tesla costs $100,000.00....a difference of $67,000.00.

Using 600 US gallons of gasoline, or approximately 2400 liters(I'm rounding off) you will get 12,000 miles at a cost of approximately $3,120.0 Canadian.

At $3,120.00 a year It would take more than 20 years to spend the 67,000 extra cost for the Tesla X.

The logic and the math don't add up. There needs to be some economic benefit to driving an EV.

I don't see any economic advantage in buying an Electric Tesla X over a cheaper fuel efficient gas powered cross-cross over such as the Dodge Journey.

The moral of this post is: get your prices down to 40,000.00 to 50,000.00, otherwise it's a no brainer to get a gas powered vehicle of similar size and style.

So..... you're comparing a Honda Civic to an Aston Martin then?

If you want cheap in the short term, and expensive in the long term, go ICE.
If you want Performance, plus to be OFF GAS for good, you go BEV.

Sam, hasn't the cost of gasoline tripled in 15 years? What cost per gallon are you supposing? I'm not saying you're wrong, but just want to imagine an accurate picture.

When I started driving, in 1998, I remember filling up for $0.79/gallon. So that is more than quadrupled in 15 years.

The cost can probably be estimated at 5-10% over the nearest equivalent Model S. And the reason people will spend that much? Because haven driven one, alternatives seem primitive. People will live on Macaroni and Cheese for 5 years to be able to make the payments. 1-to-1 price matching is just not on. ;)


Tell that to all the people spending twice and three times what they ever have on a car when they purchase the Model S. There are some fairly intelligent people out there that have done the math you just demonstrated for us and are still buying $100,000 sedans when a Honda Accord or Toyota Prius would suffice.

In other words, it isn't, necessarily, about the math of gas savings. There is most definitely something else "driving" these sales.


SamFisher; There needs to be some economic benefit to driving an EV.

Simple question: why? If the car is better in every single other way except price, then why would it have to cost less? In order to compare to similar vehicle you need to compare it to something like Porsche Panamera 4s.

I currently drive a '07 MB GL450 (7 passenger vehicle, original cost ~$70K). It cost me on average $10,000/annually on just gas alone. I priced a Model S fully equipped (non-signature) at ~82K. If I was to buy a 2013 MB GL450 it would cost me the same as an MS however the MS SAVES me the $10K in gas. Total engergy calculated (using the calculator provided on this website) is $660/year. That's $9340/yr in savings, so no Mr. SamFisher I cannot agree with you.

Notice also I covered ONLY gas and cost of the vehicle, there are additional savings when you compare the $600/yr maintenance to $3K+ a year I've spent on this vehicle with its mandatory schedule maintenances and other mechanical issues

I understand that Elon Musk needs all the high end people to have capital to grow this company!

But just think if Nikola Tesla was here today whom you have taken his name and are representing it, He stood for all people all over the world putting up an antenna in there home and having free electricity, and because he wanted this big powers destroyed him.

So why haven't you made a electric model Car for the working class from the start. $16,000.00 to $20.000.00 this is what Nikola Tesla would of done, If he was alive today he would be shacking his head at you. and saying you got this backwards.

I Love this company and its Models, but i feel its for the rich and privilege, not the common people.
Hope you get a clue.

And no the working class and poor need it NOW, not 10 years from today or 2 years from now. Now is TODAY!

Rethink this Please!!

Jerry, look up the Tesla Secret Master Plan.


i agree with your aguments too. i'am not riched and in austria there is not tesla company and the UK people told me i must care with the austrian finance company about the using as company car. Here is only a 40.000 Euro car (with Taxes) allowed for company use, every thing thats bigger than this, have you pay private and every service, gas, energy ... you have pay in this procent private. so a model s/x i have to pay 60% from my private money. So there is no benifit for take one of this cars as company car.

Otherwise i like to have one, but i'am not riched.

The problem is the way of buisness, its every time a balance from how many people buy this product and how mutch you can produce. The best price is where you have the maximum income with less costs.

JrJerry, Alexander;

To make money off a low-cost car you must sell high volumes. To sell high volumes you must make high volumes. To make high volumes you must have a large, streamlined factory. To build and perfect a large factory you must have lotsa money, probably a few billion dollars. Elon did not have a few billion dollars to invest, so he could not build and equip a huge factory. Since he could not build a huge factory he could not make a high volume of cars. Since he could not build a high volume of cars he could not sell a high volume of cars. Since he could not sell a high volume of cars he could not make money. Since he could not make money he could not go into the high-volume low-cost car business.

Get it yet?

+1 Brian H

@ Bran H:

but they will........

Gradually produce 'cheaper' higher volume cars, hopefully more gross profit(not margin)


In facing the math I do not think it is intelligence driving the sales. What drives most people to buy vehicles is not intelligent decision making processes. What drives most people is pride and vanity, and that is why so many people buy vehicles they end up selling within a year or two (losing a pile of money). Automakers advertise and sell an image which they attempt to imprint into the mind of the buyer, such as: You will look smart, look cool, feel good, be successful, attract women, people will envy you, etc.

Sure, you will stand out as you drive down the street in an EV and people stop you, question you, wish they had one, envy you, etc., but the little high we humans get from new vehicles wears off quickly, and then the payments become a burden. I have long since left that mindset behind me. I'll go further, go to more places, and look just as good in my shiny new Dodge.... with money saved and in my pocket to boot, thanks.

Now, the point of my first comment was, if the price comes down so more people can afford them, the decision to buy becomes an easy one. I stand by that regardless of any criticisms from nay sayers.

As far as the fella pointing out that the cost is not much more than a Porsche Panamera 4s, well, how many people can afford one of them? Porsche lovers will probably dispute that with you...LOL. Have you even looked at a Journey R/T? Even if I could afford the Porsche, I wouldn't buy one just to stroke my ego and have people oooo and ahhh over it, or bang their doors or shopping carts into it. The Dodge will last just as long if taken care of and even if it doesn't, I can buy three of them for the price of one ego boosting Porsche or a model x at a cost of 100,00.00

My point was these vehicles should be priced so more people can afford them and what I failed to say is that if more people could afford them, then more people would buy them, and this would have a greater impact on the environment. A company selling their vehicle under the premise that they care about the environment would have more credibility if they made their vehicle affordable to more people.

Something I did not factor into the cost of owning an EV is the cost of charging it every month which will show as an increase in your electrical bill. Sure, it is still cheaper than gas, but still an extra cost.

Another thing I did not factor in (and neither did the people who disagree with me) is that during 10 years of ownership you will be required to replace your battery pack at least once at a cost of 10,000.00 to 20,000.00.

I have an 11 year old gas guzzling SUV with 70 thousand miles on it and I just changed the battery and spark plugs last year at a cost of under $300. It runs like the day I purchased it. Oh, and Two oil changes a year is a hundred bucks. I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

**Bottom line: I would love to own a Tesla X. $50,000.00 Canadian is justifiable. Anything more than that and I see no personal or financial benefit. There are many parts that an EV does not require which should offset the cost of batteries and the overall vehicle building costs, so it's not like it can't be done.

Keep my comments in context and don't cherry pick. Try to get the real meaning I am trying to convey before you decide to jump on me and disagree.

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