Photo of Model S with front license plate?

Does anyone know if this exists? Sorry if already addressed elsewhere....

I hope not.. :)

For those in TX, be aware that there is not an enforceable front license plate requirement in TX as of Jan 1, 2012. Google it.

[disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. But I do plan to have my lawyer write me a letter stating the above and carry it around in the car. I also will ask Tesla not to install my front plate holder.]

Thanks for the heads-up!! I'm a Texas expecting delivery in Nov-Dec, so I'll probably do the same!

How many screw holes are there for the back license plate on the Model S? Ordering a license plate frame but not sure which to get.


Thanks Beaker!

For those of us living in states requiring front license plates, consider getting vanity plates. While this is more expensive, it's less painful (emotionally) putting a personalized license plate on that beautiful grill!

I have many friends who've never put plates on the front of their cars and have never had a problem here in TX, even though they're theoretically required. I don't plan to put them on at all.

We're in CA where the plates are required but opted not to have the plate bracket installed when we received delivery of the car...we plan to keep the plate in the car in the event we get pulled over for not having it installed. At the end of the day, I'd rather pay the cost of a fix-it ticket than have the front grill drilled into...

Never had a ticket in years living in ca, but you can get one parking in sf all day

As of Sept 1, 2013 the portion of the law that made it unenforceable was corrected by House Bill 625, author, Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, R-Irving. The state Senate voted 31-0 for the new law; the House voted 139-4.I talked to representatives of the San Antonio and Houston police departments who lobbied for it. Summarizing, they said both front and rear plates make it easier and safer for police to do their jobs.With a money fine back in the law, San Antonio police Sgt. James Jones says he expects more officers to make no-front-plate stops.“That would be enough to pull somebody over,” he said. “That is a traffic violation.” Officers will check for driver’s license, insurance and any outstanding warrants, he says.I understand there are people across Texas who will not believe this is happening, people who’ve driven without front plates for years, and yeah, the Corvette and Prius owners.There’s a bit of urban folklore about front plates in Texas. Considering the bungling in state law that was corrected, that’s no surprise. But let there be no doubt. The law is clear.As of Sept. 1, 2013, it is required that all registered vehicles, including commercial vehicles, must display both front and rear plates.“An offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $200.”

From article in Dallas Morning News

That's ridiculous :)

Rear and now front?

To make it easier and safer for police to do their jobs, there should be right side, left side, roof, front hood, rear trunk plates too :)

Don't push it. There should not be bottom plates because we don't have perverts look up at Tesla's skirt do we?

I didn't get one installed when I picked it up but I bought the J-bolts from Home Depot to see how it would look if I mounted it. My license plates didn't arrive yet but at least that option exists if I want to add it.

It actually was a clean fit through the grill just like that YouTube video showed. It was a pretty clear explanation how to do it.

I have seen a ton of Model S in San Diego and have yet to see a license plate on the front of one yet.

I live in Cali and I hope they don't just slap them on automatically at the factory. I never put the front plate on my '87 Vette and I had that car for ten years and was never hassled about it once.

Remember that in mounting a front plate below the nose piece on the grill blocks air flow to the radiator that cools the battery/motor coolant fluid. How significant?

I mounted mine to the lower grill using the J hooks. Yes, it theoretically blocks some of the airflow, but there's a couple inches behind the plate where air can flow around the plate and into the grill area behind it. Percentage wise I'll bet it has little if any impact on thermal management, but I'm certainly not an expert.

For those of you who live in California, specifically the Bay Area:
I was recently pulled over by a police officer in downtown San Francisco - during rush hour! (In fact, he probably made a U-turn in heavy traffic to get me.) I was given a "Fixit" ticket for not displaying a front license plate on my Tesla S. I live on the peninsula - there are many Tesla S's in my town - 4 on my block, in fact. I have never seen one with a front plate.
But I will have one installed, in order to comply. If you are going to San Francisco, I recommend you do the same. This police officer told me that they are specifically looking for us up there.

I was given 2 fix it tickets at once while parked in Santa Monica 2 weeks ago. One for no front plate, one for no HOV stickers. Evidently Tesla's may NOT park at Santa Monica meters for free without HOV stickers.

I had both in my car to show if I was pulled over. Not happy and I will mount both.

I'm generally not a fan of front plates. No front plate on my cars since about 1987. I got one ticket in Texas in 1988 and one ticket in Tacoma WA last year that was given by a meter maid. I got pulled over by State Patrol this year and was only given a warning. Total fines in 26 years was approximately 120 dollar. That comes out to only $4.60 per year. Totally worth it. The Tesla looks much better without a front plate. Of course, always be very courteous if you get a speeding ticket so the cop wont go looking for add ons.

Heard you the first time.

@bareyb, it's my impression that Tesla doesn't drill the front plate holder for you automatically in the Fremont factory, but when you pick up your Model S they do make sure you know the legal license plate display requirements for your state and your delivery specialist has drill at the ready as needed. Most Model Ses we see around Palo Alto still have only a rear plate, but it's rumored that if you park in downtown Palo Alto you'll get a fix-it ticket if your S lacks a front plate.

I just got mine at factory, bracket was in trunk not installed. I was told that I needed to displya front plate when they came. But at least no holes, so I can explore options until plates arrive.
PS Live in SF so I WILL install.

@Jay - to explore options on this, there are a few DIY approaches that work well:

seattle center suggested i use nylon lock ties to fix the oem bracket to the grill under the driling for me!

I wonder if keeping the plate on the dash is compliance?

2050project - thank you for link

After seeing Texas plates in Oklahoma for years, maybe it's time for a switch. Why not get a single Oklahoma plate and drive back to Texas? Renewals can be done on the web.

I am not a fan of front plates. But I lived in Seattle and now in San Francisco.

I drilled. More a question of if the west coast cops like the front plates. And I doubt I will ever move from the west coast, so might as well conform.

If I ever move where it's not required, I'll just order another 100 buck plastic nose piece.

Just went to order the front mount from TorkLift - good price of 69.99 is eclipsed by the $100 shipping to Canada! I ordered a full roof rack for my other car and had it shipped here for less than that!