How Do You Plan to PAY for your new Model S?

Cash - check - charge card - bank financing? Also, does Tesla finance the Model S?

I was going to pay cash. My Amex gives 1% though, wonder if I can charge the car directly to it? :)

Tesla will probably offer some kind of financing through a partner institution. You'll likely get the best deal through a credit union.

ckessel, I doubt very much that they'll accept a credit card. The charges that they would have to eat are just too steep.

True, I didn't think they would (though they did take the $5k deposit that way if I recall). I think my Amex limit is about $80k short anyway :)

I swore a while back I'd never pay interest on a car loan again, that I had a car and if I couldn't afford a new one flat out than I'd damn well show some discipline and wait. I'm wondering if, or by how much, I might have to swallow that vow.

My car's going to be about $110,000 out the door. I've already paid $40,000, so I just need to scrounge up $1,000 seventy times. :)

Tesla allowed $10k of the $40k deposit for a Sig to be paid on a credit least when I signed up.

credit union if the rate is low enough and TSLA stock continues upward. My goal is for the stock to pay for the car entirely.

Half cash and will finance the the other half, assuming rates are still low enough.

Hopefully cash! We'll see though.

Anyone hoping to pay off the S with a half-dozen trade-ins?


No, but I do plan on selling a few items that I haven't been using.

Anybody want a pair of Sennheiser HD800 headphones? :-)

If the interest rate on financing is under 2%, I might consider financing; otherwise, I'll just pay cash.

Mycroft -- haha, yeah, I hear you on the $1,000 seventy times.

Green Stamps.

TSLA shares @ $44 or alchemy.

Peak Oil Bruin -- can I get in on that alchemy, if not then TSLA stock @ $44 also.

About half my shares @$44 (along with money in CDs) covers the base and one battery upgrade. Rest has to come from credit union.

Maybe my bank is giving away samples.

Hopefully I'll have enough cash put back to cover at least half with cash and will get an auto loan for the remainder. I usually use USAA, but will consider other options if they have better rates-that said, I hope to pay off whatever loan I get within a year or two anyway, so not that much interest will accrue.

Inheritance from a rich relative. Anybody got a rich relative I can borrow?

Seriously, with 40 down and about 60 to go, I'm also hoping Tesla stock takes off. At least to $43.

One of the best ways to finance a Tesla is through a credit union For example, is doing 1.99% for up to 72 months... I heard they might even be offerring some additional perks... hard can day trading be? ;)

Rob a bank.

@ Robert. I couldn't take the pressure. I'm sure I'd end up buying high and selling low.

@Stephen. Got any good, safe prospects? I'd hate to be in jail with my new Model S outside.

Im hoping to pay cash ..... I just got an $18,000 advance for buying my wife a new car.

How's that you ask? I traded in her old car for a new one. GM has a 0% for 72 months deal, so I got here a new Enclave and cashed out the equity from the trade.

$18,000 at 0% ... who could ask for more.

PenFed is offering a 1.49% internet rate for 3,4 and 5 year terms. Non-members can apply over the phone and receive the 1.49% rate. If you're non- military you become eligible after making a $15.00 charitable contribution.
They take into account FICO and debt/ income ratios. No prepayment penalty and auto deduct. They were at 1.99 until last Friday or Saturday. The rep says they've been swamped. Applications are good for three months, The rate floats and can change anytime.

I'm sure others can point out something I'm missing.


Cash, Tesla stock bought 1 year ago, and some financing

cash from sale of current car and rest home equity credit at 2.25%

I'm planning on selling all my Exxon stock to cover most of it. Seems appropriate.