Floor Mats Stink

I must say that I love my Model S and have really had no issues. The minor ones I have my ranger has a plan and the fix is on its way......but.....I must say, I spent 92,000 on a car and the floor mats that the car comes with are crap. On top of the crap floor mats, they don't even give you floor mats for the back seat. Tesla, come on.....I think I could have my 11 year old daughter make me a better set of mats than what come with the car. What gives...92k and CRAP floor mats???

no doubt i ordered from auto anything. got Lloyd mats ultimate custom front and back.
ill report after they arrive.

ordered those too. Got them today. They are ok, but I am waiting for the weather tech. Their product is awesome in my other cars.

At least you received floor mats.

1 day after we got our S (last Friday) my wife said " this car was obviously design by a man, no lighted vanity mirrors, no spare tire, and no back-seat floor mats." I responded that I, too, am not happy about the lack of floor mats and the mediocre quality of the ones we got.

They are the crappiest ever. I decided to purchase the premium mats sold by Tesla. I like the idea of having the logo. I just hope the quality of the mats makes the extra money worthwhile

jfeldman72 -
Have you heard when Weathertech is going to make the Model S mats? I am also a big fan, but they haven't listed them yet, despite what I'm sure has been multiple email requests.

Llyod's are nice, go with the ultra ones.

Weathertech's are 6 weeks away. Still. Perhaps in 6 weeks they'll be less than 6 weeks away, but don't count on it.

heard the same thing about Weather tech. I am on the email list for when they are in

I agree the floor mats are lacking in quality. My floor mats are curling back. The passenger side is now touching the floor. Tesla service has ordered replacements.

The Lloyds mats stink, too. But apparently thorough airing and rinsing with peroxide help a lot. <:0

I got the Lloyd mats and the rubber weather mats for the back. All I need is the car now. The mats are of very nice quality. The weather mats do not have a lip around them like weather tech does but unless your spilling a full drink on them I would not this the lip is needed.

The Loyds weather mats have recessed circles to hold water. They seem perfect for the back where the dogs will go. No way do the dogs get in the passenger area.

Wait a sec, are the mats that come with the car the same as the ones they sale on line?

That would be a big no. The mats that come with the car are constructed for "temporary" use. There's a note on the bottom that says to remove shoes for maximum longevity.

"The floor mats are curling back. The passenger side is now touching the floor."

I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Aren't the floor mats supposed to touch the floor?


same problem with the passenger side mat - its curling back over itself. really bad product. wish there were more upfront with this and gave the option to purchase real mats when we configured the car. no big deal but should be better.

+1 to that. Give us the option of ordering the car with nice quality texile mats or a good set of rubber mats (a must over here).

I agree it is the only thing I am not happy with. My passenger floor mat flops back on itself. Simple fix will be some velcro but should not have to do that!

Has anyone ordered the carpet floor mats they sell in the Tesla gear? I bought a set of high quality mats for my SRX and never use the carpeted ones in it. But these Tesla mats sound good. I haven't seen anything from weathertek at all.

For everyone who is complaining about the mats, would you prefer to wait to get your car until they had better ones? Personally, I picked up cheap rubber floor mats at Walmart for $20 for the back until the good floor mats are sorted out (whether from Tesla or a third-party). If that is all you have to complain about for launching a brand new car, you should be ecstatic.

Is that new info on the Weathertech's? I emailed them early Dec inquiring when they'll have one for the Model S and they said there were no plans at all at that time.

@pb32 - I phoned them last week and that is where the 'within the next six weeks' quote came from. They are definitely making them.

The Weathertech mats will not be sold from their website. They are being made only for Tesla, and will be sold only by Tesla at the Tesla accessories site, with the Tesla logo. They will be available in all passenger and cargo areas. This is what Weathertech told me in December.


"The Loyds weather mats have recessed circles to hold water. They seem perfect for the back where the dogs will go. "

If I were you, I'd train the dogs to go in the curb.


got mine this week, everything is great so far but the mat on the passenger side curl up like an old leaf - agree they cheaped out here and missed the mark. will likely look into new mats, but shouldn't tesla fix this for us brave new owners?

Until my Tesla mats come in - bought a cheap roll of black carpet from the local auto store and cut it to fit the back floor.

The front passenger mat folds over on the top - which is annoying -but probably not worth trying to fix if I get the Tesla mats soon.

David Trushin, I ordered a full set of the premium Tesla mats from the Tesla Store, and just got notification that they have shipped...I'll post photos and feedback once they arrive.

@ TheAustin, I did the same. Hope they are high quality. I will likely get the Weathertech mats also for winter use... happy to hear from gdh66 that Tesla will sell them directly.

I'm totally confused. Since there are mats for sale, I assumed the car doesn't come with any mats at all. So then, I was going to order the tesla mats, but some people say they're not available yet, and other people say the mats fold over on themselves. Are we talking about the same mats?

The car comes with cheap and crappy front mats. Tesla sells better mats through their stores as well as online. Many folks here have gotten their premium mats through third party vendors - they are cheaper than Tesla's and readily available.