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You know, you gotta feel bad for Elon, George and the others. The have given us an award-winning, 300-mi EV, chock full of technology, and draped in some of the sexiest sheet metal out there, and they have spent the last week getting raked over the coals over parking sensors.

Hopefully, they found humor in this.


+1 omarsultan

Well in reality they sell 400 cars per week and there are maybe 15 people really complaining about this issue vocally on the forums and with letters to George. It's the same people posting multiple times within a thread and across several threads.

It may be visible here on the forum but since they announced the new pricing a week ago they've already sold another 800 cars and they are moving on to Model X details.

could not agree more...I am amazed at how angry people are over a technology that can be rendered obsolete... by looking!!!

I have to admit I have had a few laughs over this. I'm cancelling my order because of freakin parking sensors! I guess never having them before makes it a non issue for me, since I never lost my ability to park.

Someone is selling their 8 day old P85+ at a loss in order to order a new vehicle with parking sensors. He said he is "voting with his wallet", meaning that he is willing to take a loss of thousands of dollars in order to obtain a $500 option. In my world, voting with your wallet means not buying a product from one company, instead rewarding another company with your business. Seems like the world has gone a little upside down.

Nobody is making a big deal about the new fog lights, or the new cold weather package. No. All of the uproar appears to be over parking sensors! Elon promised the new fog lights to a lot of folks who already received their vehicles, I'm shocked that I'm not hearing more about that... Am I the only one who thinks that parking sensors have inadvertently become a poster child for something other than what they really are? lol

Let's not forget the HEARTBREAK of losing the cup holder clinchers. Almost a show-stopper for some.


Damn auto-correct.


I heard the P85+ comes with butt clinchers... lol

I wonder how much it will cost to retrofit? Man, had I known they were going to come out with butt cinchers I would have waited. Bummer

I agree it is an over reaction to cancel your order due to this. At the same time my car was in the design phase at the old prices. I was lucky that I ordered it when I did. At the same time for me to pay an additional $4,000 to get a $500 option seems unfair and unreasonable. I understand that they may want to charge a bit more to the lucky few like me and that would be reasonable. This is an important safety feature that not only protects the car, but people who may walk by. I just wish that they came up with a retro fit price at the same time and charged that to those in design.

Look, no one complains when they buy a 2012 car and then in 2013 it's got some new technology. The issue here is that TM is not on a model year schedule, so updates come every month or so (mid production). I think that's really what frustrates people. Would I like the sensors? Absolutely. Would I have waited to order had I known they were coming at date certain? Yep. However, we all know TM is constantly working to better the car and if you place your order today, you have to be comfortable with what you're getting.

I ordered in March and took delivery in May. No sensors. No fog lights (I was part of "Fog Lightgate" mid production). That also means I got other items (like lighting and dual charger) for less and I got to drive the car for an extra 3+ months instead of waiting. We all know options and pricing are subject to change.

My ONLY request from TM here is when they do all the preparation to roll out a new option, like sensors, they clearly communicate whether there will be a retrofit available and a rough timeframe. They don't have to give a cost yet, but I feel like we wouldn't have 5 threads on this if they just said, "Yes, here are parking sensor for new models and YES, we will over a retrofit program within three months."

"offer" not "over"

Is it just a $500 parking sensor? Well Tesla offered it for $500 but the value to individual buyers can be different. If someone thinks it's worth $2500 then he/she will pay that much for it. Nothing is wrong with that. We buy the car for personal enjoyment not as an investment.

@Rick H - $500 is under priced for a stand alone option, stand alone it should be $2-3k.

Parking sensors....

Will most likely be available when you trade in your current MS next year.

Two fundamental laws of business are:

1. Don't overhang the market

2. Never let your competition get their nose under the tent flap.

I think Tesla is doing an adequate job of adhering to these. They have to hold back news of new features until the last minute, or they will find new sales drying up until the new features are ready. So people will be surprised and disappointed and some angry about it. That's the nature of law 1. I have at times bought a computer only to find out the next day that a newer more powerful computer is just being announced.

Second, they must rise to the challenge of doing the important upgrades for existing customers or they allow the customer to evaluate the competition. When I was in telecom we dreaded to "forklift upgrade" for our systems because the customer says that if I have to remove all your equipment to upgrade, I may as well get the competitors stuff in there. So if they have no path to upgrading the most wanted features, they will be violating law 2.

The most disheartening thing about the discussions is not that people are complaining, it's the immediate reaction. The cars and features are not going anywhere. Why not exhibit a little patience and find out what the companies plans are.

Doesn't this pretty much signal that Tesla has moved on past the early adopter phase to the beginning of the "mainstream" phase of customer adoption? I don't feel as much of the passionate advocacy for the company, more a "what can you do for me" attitude. I've said this before, and I don't expect anyone to change their views, but it's quite a different thing from putting your money down when the first page of the deposit basically says, "hey y'all, you may never see this money again" and waiting 3 years, to the current mindset. I suppose I am over-projecting the views of a few to the overall customer base, but it is a telltale of sorts...

My gut tells me that TM will tell all of us who replaced their cheaper orders with the more expensive orders to just relax and take comfort knowing that an eventual retrofit would likely cost about as much as the premium we paid to get the new configuration anyways.


Yep. Actually that is essentially what they did kind of hint if you read between the lines. When the Senior VP tells you that they aren't quite sure IF there will be a retrofit option and if so, it will be "QUITE Expensive" you better realize that you better imagine what "QUITE Expensive" means coming from Tesla.

No, it still didn't leave a good taste in my mouth paying thousands more when my car didn't even go into production yet. But they had the "take it or leave it" attitude. And at least I had the option to choose to add it, even if it was more.

Ultimately it just came down to me thinking the retrofit option won't be cheap or easy contrary to come imagination from people that already have Model S cars.

+1 ThomasK - this definitely feels like we're in the "mainstream" phase now.

@omar - yes, I think this is the greatest car ever. But no, I don't feel bad for Elon, George, and others. Their goal is to create the best car ever. The early adopters drank the Cool-Aid long ago, but many mainstream consumers are still not convinced. The team at Tesla needs to learn from this experience, and IMPROVE COMMUNICATION. This issue could have been so much better if they had better communication internally and with their customers. They have had a lot of examples of poor communication followed by customer uproar in the 2 years since I made my reservation. Every time I expect them to learn from it and improve in the future, but so far that hasn't been happening. They haven't paid a price because so many people want to buy this car - but eventually it will bite them. I hope they work out the problems before that happens.


That guy who's selling his 8 day old PerfS at a loss has said nothing about buying another one with Parking Sensors.

He's simply pouting that it's no longer the latest and greatest config. Even though it came with EXACTLY what he ordered, he's some how miffed at Tesla for not including parking sensors. Simply a CHILDISH reaction.

It's been known for quite sometime that the European models included PDC, so it didn't take a crystal ball to foresee that they'd likely become available in the US before too long. So anyone who thought PDC was important to them should simply have waited to order their Tesla. And anyone who went ahead and ordered their Tesla anyway should take responsibility for THEIR decision to get a Tesla without PDC.

All the childish whining about this from the spoiled and entitled crowd is frankly embarrassing!

I agree that most reasonable people knew that PDC was coming, especially because European models were rumored to have them. I think if the guy who is selling his feels the need to sell it he can and should without being called childish. That's his prerogative.

I knew when I ordered it was coming out soon and I rolled the dice. The only thing I was miffed at is that although my car didn't even go into production I had to pay $5,000 more for it. But no, I don't feel that people who had cars already gone into production or already delivered have the same room to complain like those of us who were in the pipeline where their car didn't even enter production.

And no, I don't think paying only $500 was the answer either but I don't think it was appropriate to get your entire car repriced. But that is a moot point now.

Okay I know what parking sensors are but this PDC term I cannot figure out. Can someone let me know what the definition is?

Park Distance Control. Same thing.

PDC is important to me. The first time my wife backs into a pole or hits a low stump in the front and my deductible is due and my insurance rates triple they more than pay for themselves.

Did you see that thread at TMC about all of those Model S's with their front bumpers missing at that auto body shop? Somebody said it was probably because they were all getting PDC installed so the OP asked the shop. The shop said all of the Model S's were in there for the same thing - it's a large car with a big front end and everybody was hitting curbs, stumps, poles, etc. There had to be at least 10 of them in there. The PDC may not prevent all of those from happening but I'd like to believe a great many will be stopped.

They are absolutely critical to me. This car is almost as big as a 750Li and to drive that without PDC would be insane. PDC will be a valuable feature for resale value as well.

I have to admit, while not a deal killer, I will look hard at sensors for the front--I'd really like to avoid running the nose into one of those parking lot bumper things. One the back, I am less interested, since the camera seems like a better solution. For that matter, I would punt on the PDCs altogether if Tesla said a front camera was in the works.


Yep Tommy. I think it's fine if people don't want them or don't need them. No problem. But I don't think they can dispute that it IS an important thing for many people (as evidenced by all these threads and posts).

Funny last night my wife and I went to dinner with some friends. We went to their house first and then they drove to the restaurant. I told them that I ended up getting my car reconfigured and paid $5,000 more for the PDC. They questioned if they would do the same thing.

Well it was hilarious because after dinner we come to his car (new SUV) and while he did have a rear camera there was no PDC and no front sensor at all. He got boxed in to the point he was going back and forth many times and was afraid to hit his bumper. I laughed and said, see this is an instance where the PDC would be helpful. We all got a good laugh.

The car is very large as you mentioned. Long and wide. I think that's great that so many people can justify that they don't need/want it. But I think the # of posts speak for themselves how valuable and important it is for many people.

Maybe a bargain front-only parking sensor aftermarket?

It's been said before, but anybody who has been reading these forums for the last several months knew that parking sensors were coming. I ordered my MS in June, knowing that if I waited then I might be able to get the sensors. I didn't want to wait & ordered anyway. Took delivery four days ago and I'm not the least bit sorry. With any car, there are always new features that you'd like to have, and all new cars becomes incrementally obsolete almost immediately. I don't feel entitled to know what or when Tesla intends to introduce new features in the future any more than I thought that GM, Honda or Infiniti owed me that information.

As a teenager, I learned to drive, parallel park and thread narrow New Orleans streets, in my grandmother's 1968 Cadillac Sedan deVille. Without parking sensors, tilting side mirrors or a high definition rear camera. The Caddy was 2-1/2 feet longer than the MS, and the "technology" was a button that locked/unlocked all the doors at once! That was the future in 1968. MS is the future today. Yes, my NEXT car will have parking sensors, and more that we can't even imagine today. In the meantime, it's a thrill and honor to own MS.