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Fantastic Motor Trend video comparison - Is the Model S car of the 20th Century?

Extremely interesting comparison to the Citroen DS. I owned a GS Palas in the mid 80s while living in Spain and I can attest to Citroen's innovation. Anyway, enjoy...

20th century is just so... last century! :) Here's to it being the car of the 21st century instead.

definitely 21st century!

fun video though, everyone should have a look.

Interestingly enough, the DS and the Model S are the only two cars I have ever really wanted.

Rightfully so.

"Car designers name Citroen DS "most beautiful car". Ever."

@ alcassfast, I own the first and would definitely love to own the other! :-)

For me the Lamborghini Miura is the most beautiful car ever. But the Citroen DS is definetly the most influencial car of the 20th century - totally admired. The 21th century has just started so in another 87 years we can make a judgement. MS is definetely a strong contender for that title...